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John Fox Interview

Panthers Head Coach John Fox 11/9/05

On his relationship with Coach Edwards?
Herm and I were college teammates.

On playing on the same secondary as Coach Edwards?
Yes, for, I believe, one year. Our media asked me about it today and I think it was 1976. Herm was an excellent player. I believe he transferred from Cal. He had a great season for us and obviously, went on to have a heck of a pro career.

On the defensive players the Jets have?
I think that in this League, what makes it a great league is that you have great players. Without a doubt, the New York Jets have talent. There would be a lot of guys I would like to have. Unfortunately they don’t let you do that.

On Jonathan Vilma?
We did him coming out. He’s a young player that we have a lot of respect for. I had him very high on our draft board and unfortunately, he wasn’t around when we had that opportunity. We weren’t able to draft him, but he was a very productive college player and hade the right attitude and I think he’s carried that along to the National Football League.

On John Abraham and Shaun Ellis being a lot of them to handle on Sunday?
No doubt, they are both very active. They have good speed on the edges, more of a physical guy with Ellis and then with John Abraham, he is an outstanding speed rusher. They are very formable and we?ll definitely have our hands full.

On Travelle Wharton playing this weekend?
Yes, he is not even on the injury list. Luckily, (his injury) was not serious and he is fine.

On what he remembers of Brook Bollinger in college and what he thinks now?
I thought he did an outstanding job last week. We watched some earlier tape on him, in the regular season and in the preseason, and he appears to be a very mobile QB. He’s got real good accuracy and again, he’s been with them for the duration so I don?t think they have to draw on the formations and the personnel groups like they might have here as late.

On the approach a shorter QB uses to avoid getting passes blocked?
I don’t think there is much the QB can do unless he is in the chock passes, but not many people are coaching those anymore. I think, as far as defensively, you want to make sure you balance up your rush lanes and have guys get their hands up. That tends to effect throws by a shorter QB.

On the cheerleader topic?
It’s not my area of responsibility. I’m not dealing with it, so I have no comment.

On Justin Miller being a concern?
With out a doubt. He’s a guy from down here in Clemson and was very highly rated as a return man and DB so; he’s lit it up here the last few weeks and looks to be outstanding. I think he is definitely on the radar.

On how dangerous the game will be based on the fact that the Jets are 2-6?
Our team never looks at records. They know that any NFL team that shows up is dangerous and I think we are past that.

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