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Jetnation.com's Weekly Top 10

By Nick Ferraro
Jetnation.com Columnist

1. Indianapolis Colts 11-0
The Colts are clearly in a league of their own thus far.

2. Denver Broncos 9-2
It was a huge road win for a thankful Denver team Thursday.

3. Seattle Seahawks 9-2
The Seahawks got a few gifts from the Giant kicking game to win their seventh straight.

4. Chicago Bears 8-3
A steady Kyle Orton and the league’s best defense may be enough to win the NFC.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-4
The Steelers need a win the save their season Sunday.

6. San Diego Chargers 7-4
San Diego’s schedule down the stretch may leave them watching the playoffs.

7. Cincinnati Bengals 8-3
The Bengals can put a stranglehold on the division and quiet their doubters with a win Sunday in Pittsburgh.

8. Carolina Panthers 8-3
It shouldn’t have been that hard to win against the Bills.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-3
Can the Jags hold on with David Garrard at QB?

10. New York Giants 7-4
The Dallas game is the biggest game of the year for the Gnats. It’s time for them to beat a decent team again.

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