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JetNation.com Weekly Top Ten

By Nick Ferraro
Senior Columnist

1. Indianapolis Colts 13-0

The Colts appear to have the option of making history should they want it.

2. Cincinnati Bengals 10-3

The Bengals had a letdown after the Steelers win. Good thing the Browns were in town.

3. Denver Broncos 10-3

The Broncos had a letdown after the Chiefs loss. Good thing the Ravens were in town.

4. Seattle Seahawks 11-2

The only quality wins the Seahawks have are two squeakers at home against the Giants and Cowboys.

5. New York Giants 9-4

The Gnats may be the best NFC team right now.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5

The Steelers saved their season against the overrated Bears.

7. Kansas City Chiefs 8-5

If the Chiefs can grab a wild card, they’ll be the team nobody wants to play in the AFC.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-4

The Bucs were convincing against the Paper Panthers.

9. New England Patriots 8-5

Getting healthy and playing in the AFC East has enabled the champs to make it back.

10. Chicago Bears 9-4

The offense just plain stinks.

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