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JetNation Year In Review

On behalf of JetNation, we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year…Happy Holidays to all. As JetNation.com approaches its one year anniversary, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who makes this place ‘home’ to so many of us.

If you really want to know what “makes� JetNation, the answer is simple: The members who post here each and every day. They are unsurpassed in both knowledge and passion. They share their thoughts and relive the pain that we call being a Jets fan. As we stare at a three win season, some would say that this site is more group therapy than anything else. It is a common bond that we share and the goal is the same for all of us: To see our beloved Jets win a Super Bowl.

When the site was first launched, there were three principal owners: TomShane, Gang Green Girl and Maxman. TomShane has since departed to explore other career opportunities. So let us take this time to say, “Thank you, Tom”. The work you put into building this site will never be forgotten. The time you spent helping get the word out, writing articles and just being “TomShaneâ€? is appreciated. We wish you the best of luck going forward.

Although it is impossible to thank everyone, we are going to list several of you here. To those that we missed, we are sorry. We know that it is a collective effort and all of your participation is what makes the site a success. A big JetNation thank you to:

Our Moderators: faba, Smizzy and The Gun Of Bavaria. You are here day after day, keeping order and making sure that everyone plays nice. We rely heavily on you three and could never have accomplished this without you.

The JetNation.com Writers: (4HCrew, Nick Ferraro, Guns, R44, Scott Dierking, faba and The Troll). Week after week you fill our front page with new content. We know the last thing you probably want to do after a tough Jets loss is to write about it. It is not an easy job and the pay sucks! Thanks for always being there with a unique perspective on the state of the Jets and the NFL in general.

To Our Marketing Department: Bren, Smizzy and everyone who has referred a friend or told someone about this site. Smizzy handles electronic marketing by posting our link on countless message boards. Bren handles things the old fashioned way. She simply walks up to people and asks, “Do you post?� She follows it up by giving them a business card. It is impossible to estimate how many users signed up because of these two. It is hard work but they do it and ask for nothing in return. JetNation would not be as successful as it is today (closing in on 1,000 members) if it were not for their efforts.

To Our Technical Support Team: tommccabe, Greenbeans, Panzer Division Marduk, Verde and JerryK. We lean on you guys at different times for various reasons. Verde and PDM did graphics for us free of charge. tommccabe created this place. He built the site from the ground up and we could not have done this without him. He does the work, we get the glory. Greenbeans and JerryK are our technical support department. We come crying to them every time that Max screws something up on the server. Greenbeans also received a promotion, as he is now in charge of the esteemed Post Of The Week. Be nice to him, he can make you famous.

Our Friends From Draft Daddy: R44 and bitonti come here and share their vast football insight with us. This is especially helpful during seasons like this because the draft is all we have to look forward to. R44 – Thank you for taking on the leadership role during our live chats. We could not have picked a more suitable candidate. The chats you have moderated have been nothing short of spectacular and your assistance has been invaluable to us.

To the Media: So many members of the media embraced us and helped us tremendously. Through online chats and interviews, we were able to get our questions answered. Rich Cimini of the NY Daily News: We learned so much from you. During our first chat we asked you about the third QB position. You told us that if it came down to Bollinger, the season was over. How could we have known? We look forward to your Journalism 101 chat night, tentatively scheduled for early next year. In all honesty, we cannot thank you enough for being so generous with your time.

Randy Lange of the Bergen Record, Peter Schwartz of 1050 ESPN Radio and Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star Ledger also spent time with us this season. Thanks, guys, for stopping by to chat and helping us out. We look forward to talking with you more next year.

Those who make the Baseball Forum so popular: You know who you are. Baseball is not the primary focus of this site yet you may not know that if you visited the baseball forum. America’s favorite pastime is alive and well. mbn007, SJ, AirforceJetFan, Jet/BosoxFan, JonEJet, Green Jets & Ham, GimmeShelter and Latinlawyer are just a few of the MLB forum regulars, who we cannot do without!

Finally – The Posters: We can’t list everyone. When we launched last February, we had no idea if anyone would care. We had high hopes but what happened exceeded our wildest expectations. We have averaged almost 600 posts a day throughout what has been an extremely disappointing Jets season. JetNation has grown to the point where we are approaching ten million hits per month. The posters make this happen. They are the heart and soul of this site.

Bob – When we talk about “friends of the site�, the conversation should really begin and end right here. Bob supported us and lost his internet job as a result. There is no way we could ever thank him enough. So we have decided not to try.

PatsFanTX – He knows his football. More importantly, he is a stand up guy. Someday when the Jets finally win it all, I know he will be there to tell us how it was all a fluke. Right in that place where his heart should be, he will be happy for us. All kidding aside, he will always have a home here at JetNation.

Happy Jack – Although we can’t go into specifics, HJ does a lot for us besides clutter the Lounge with posts that no one understands except for greengal. Our hope is that he realizes how much we appreciate him for what he has done for us. You’re a good friend, HJ.

greengal – If not for greengal, we wouldn’t know what songs not to listen to. A true friend of the site, she has been here since our inception. If there is anyone that cares about this site more, we have not yet met them.

JonEJet – JonEJet is currently our only answer to Jet/Bosox Fan. Without JonEJet, we would be stuck listening to Boston Red Sox drivel all day long.

EricBarton50 – Our junior poster and future Jets GM. Since he is now a respected member of the site, we are considering letting him sit at the table with the rest of the adults for the holidays. Each day we breathlessly await to see who is named Dooshey of the Day.

stormshadow19 – ss19 (our ballsy GGG loyalist) is a Top Ten Poster. He will be happy to tell you that. Just ask him.

Garb – Our Patriot friend, who loves telling us how messed up and dysfunctional Jets fans are. Yet, she seems to fit right in. Hmmmm, weird.

PFSIKH – Our friend who is now in Iraq serving this great country. Thank you!

Southernjet, Jetsfan80, Jetfaninsec124, blackout806, rsherryjr, spjets, Bugg, Savage69, BZ, Fred Jetstone, Jet Moses and many, many more. Thank you all! Here is to a great year in 2006.

From your friends at JetNation!

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