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On his feelings on being nominated…
It overwhelmed me a little bit. It is a great accomplishment and it meant more coming back from the injury. But that’s an individual thing right there; I’m more of a team guy who wants team accomplishment. It feels a lot better to be on a winning team with a chance to make it to the playoffs. I got a little bit spoiled in New England by making the individual accomplishment and making the accomplishment as a team. I am very happy about it and I hope I can just go out there and keep performing these next two games.

On this nomination being the most special one because of his injury comeback…
It is. It ranks right up there with the first one, but your first one you are always going to remember because it is your first. The chance of me getting back to this point was a longshot . I am very happy with the result and I am looking to continue moving forward and playing All-Pro and Pro Bowl caliber football for some more years to come.

On what he thinks was the deciding factor that helped him gain votes…
I think you have to look at the overall package. Of course, INT are always going to play a factor no matter how that comes because they are so hard to come by in this League. When you look at the INT and the numbers and the opportunities that you get, I’m not one of those guys that get thrown at 10 and 11 times a game and come home with picks. Mine are few and far between, so when I get out of a season with six or seven interceptions, I’ve gotten some good ones. Most other guys get more opportunities then I get, so I think throughout my career I have averaged about three or four. Most of your better CB do that because they don’t get that many opportunities. You don’t see as many people throwing at me or Deion Sanders or Champ Bailey. That’s only smart as on offense. You look at there tackling, of course you are going to miss some, but you have to make those tackles. They look at everything: support the run, knick down passes. All of it plays a part in it, but I think INT are the biggest part.

On restructuring his contract to stay with the Jets…
I love the organization. They gave me the opportunity and I love playing for Coach Edwards. I am not going to get into what I am going to be doing from a negotiation standpoint; I’ll leave that to my agent. The opportunity here is wanted and I do and will remember that. If I am playing for the Jets or anywhere else, I am going to go out there and play the best football that I can possibly bring to the table. I have two games left as a New York Jet and until I am not a New York Jet, I really can’t answer those type of questions with any integrity because I am still under contract. I would be a fool to sit here and tell you what know one knows for sure. Everything right now is speculation, it may be good speculation, but it is speculation.

On wanting to remain with the Jets…
I had a great time here and yes, I would. It would be great to rebound from this season and it was disappointing to me and everyone else in the organization. If I can help turn that thing around, I would love too.

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