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Week 17 ~ Start – Sit

By The Troll

Most leagues are over. Some aren’t. And if you are in one of the leagues that isn’t, perhaps you should consider a new commissioner next year.

SIT all Colts starters. Jim Sorgi, Dominic Rhodes, and Troy Walters are all viable replacements for Manning, Edge, and Harrison, however.

SIT all Seattle starters, except for Shaun Alexander. He will not get you many yards, but with him being one touchdown away from the single-season record, it’s almost a sure thing that Alexander will hit pay dirt for the 28th time.

SIT your Bears. Adrian Peterson is a nice sub for Thomas Jones owners and you have to start their defense, regardless of who plays on it.

START Josh McCown, Anquan Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald. The Arizona passing attack should have a field day against a Colts team that will back it in before half-time.

START David Carr against the 49ers horrific pass defense. Also START Frank Gore. He had a big day last week and should have a bigger one against Houston.

START Tatum Bell. Mike Anderson should see little playing time for the Broncos, leaving the bulk of the carries to Bell. Of course, there is the looming threat that “Fantasy Satan” Mike Shanahan feeds the ball to Ron Dayne.

START Julius Jones. He screwed you last week, he’ll screw the Rams this week.

START Chris Chambers. The Pats secondary is week and the scorching Chambers should have a field day.

START Brett Favre. Seattle will call off the dogs early and I’m sure Mike Holmgren would not be upset by giving Favre a nice retirement present. Meaningless game for the Seahawks, so why not give the player that made you a farewell to remember?

START thinking about next year’s draft! It’s been a crazy season. Good luck and until next season, so long!

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