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This is your wakeup call, Mr. Bradway

by Frank Barone

While our next New York Jet head coach Eric Mangini will be held most responsible for our team’s future success, the role of Terry Bradway is equally important. Regardless of how brilliant Mangini might be, without good talent, his chances to succeed will be slim.

My ideal general manager will possess a strong work ethic and the ability to quickly solve problems, have a positive attitude and ready to handle any obstacles that come the New York Jets way. It’s not a job for a guy who will keep an eye on the clock; eager to punch out at 5 P.M. Great GMs never stop thinking about ways to improve their team. Can you picture this of Terry Bradway?

I want Terry to have a keen eye for talent and understand the intricacies of the game. Bradway must be able to formulate his own opinion on a player because the success of our team’s draft picks and free agent acquisitions will ultimately determine our fate. In finding talent, Terry must be able to run a draft and oversee college and pro scouting departments.

The downfall of many sports organizations and businesses alike is often a lack of leadership. I want Terry to be a strong leader and have a plan for this Jets team. Of course, he must be given the flexibility to implement this plan by our owner Woody Johnson. This plan must include how to efficiently manage the salary cap, what type of free agent players to sign and also include a sound conditioning and rehabilitation program for the players. Note to Terry: Chad Pennington would appreciate this.

Terry, you need to deal wisely with the sport agents who are only looking out for the best interests of their clients. Understand the intricacies of the salary cap, when to make concessions, when to compromise, outmaneuver and outsmart player agents. Learn how to bluff and fool the Poston brothers and Drew Rosenhaus’s of the agent world. The former should not be so hard.

So, Terry, please show me that you have the same passion, dedication and determination that the members of jetnation.com and I have. Bring a NFL championship to the New York Jets.

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