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Super Bowl Recap

by Nick Ferraro

The Steelers didn’t play a super game on Sunday, but they didn’t have to in order to win. They played super against Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Denver, and they played super in all those games on the road. They earned the right to have a not-so-super effort against Seattle. It was their first sub-par effort in eight games. The Steelers record once stood at 7-5 and short of the playoffs, and there are people in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Denver, and now Seattle, who wish they never made it in. The Steelers could afford a less than stellar performance Sunday because Seattle, the class of the NFC, simply isn’t a very good team. Yes, the Seahawks outgained the Steelers, and there were some key calls that went Pittsburgh’s way, but did Seattle really do enough to win? Did they do enough to be called a champion? No, it wasn’t a crisp game; it wasn’t a classic game; it was the better team playing poorly and still being good enough to win. The Steelers owe us no apologies. They ran the gauntlet in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, and they played like champions doing it.

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