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Chad Is Back

Chad drops back during a pass in his prime.  

Chad Pennington has been called many things during his tenure as a NY Jet.    The one statement that is definite is that he will be a New York Jet in 2006.  This may annoy many fans but really is it all that bad?  Here is a man that was the face of the franchise up until last year and at times was heralded as the next Joe Montana, the savior of the franchise and the glue to the organization.  Here is a quarterback that was not scared to take over team that only believed in Vinny Testaverde and made the veteran members believers in him.  Here is a guy that gets more fired up than the average linebacker and wears his every emotion on his sleeve which becomes contagious to the entire team not to mention the fans. Here is a guy that has been beaten up on and off the field and still comes back fighting for more, determined to return and help his Jets get back on the right track.

Ok now I know many of you are going to bring up the injury problems and I could not agree more.  But at the same time I do not think 100% of the blame should be placed on Chad.  I think the former coaching staff became enamored with Chad, his determination, enthusiasm and refusal to give into his injuries as he should have.  There is no way in hell that good ole #10 was ready to start the 2005 season and the limited reps in training camp and the preseason games should have been a sign.  In addition even after the season opener debacle there were still signs things were not ok, but the staff kept throwing him to the wolves with his ultimate demise against Jacksonville.  But again note Chad knew his shoulder was done but came back again in overtime to try to will his team to a victory, which could have happened minus a Chrebet drop.  I am not saying it is all on the coaches but they sure did not help much.   

So what is next? Well why not give Chad his last chance to try to make things right and make the starting job his to lose. There have been reports out there stating he has already started throwing which is a good sign.  I think once confirmed fully healthy Chad should get ample reps in practice AND the preseason to earn his spot back.  Ample reps meaning Chad should get extensive game time in the preseason to prove his ability to both himself and the team.  Another quarterback can be brought in for competition but I would not waste a high draft pick on one this year.  I think the Jets should truly see what they have before going in another direction.  There are many reasons why you could hate this idea and want to move on, but I for one want to give the kid one last chance.  Chad Pennington has too much fire, desire and determination to give up on just yet. 

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