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Something To Prove

By Tyson Rauch 

Mini-camp is approaching and training camp is just around the corner.  It is now time for many players on the New York Jets to show their true colors.  Here is a list of Jets that have something to prove:
1)     Chad Pennington: This training camp and preseason will be the true litmus test for Mr. Pennington.  No more hiding, no more excuses and no more babying from the head coach.  Prove you can play or become the resident towel waver.  Prove to the coaches that you can lead this team and stay on the field.  Take a substantial amount of game snaps throughout the preseason and prove to your teammates that you can make it back and prove everyone wrong.  And the game snaps must include actual passes not 13 handoffs to running backs and dump passes to a tight end.


2)     Shaun Ellis:  Be more than a leader in the locker room, be the defensive leader on the field.  Become the defensive beast that you can be on the field and stop backing down to stronger competition.  You are getting paid like a top defensive end, it is time to play like one.  This coaching staff is supposed to be strong defensively, if you cannot flourish in this system your days will be numbered.
3)     Dewayne Robertson:  Last year was a disaster and the trend must change immediately or the door will be shown to you.  The first step will be to come to camp in shape and with a different attitude.  No more coddling and resting, bring it to the table or just go home.  As with Ellis, this coaching staff should put you in place to make plays, now just make them.
4)     Justin McCareins:  Another player that took a step backwards last year with a ton of drops and route running issues.  Either learn the system and focus on what you are doing or join the express train out of Hofstra.  You are being paid to be a strong #2 receiver, now try to act like one. Be receptive to coaching and let it make you stronger.
5)     Doug Jolley:  Enough with the dropped passes, pouting and complaints.  Catch the damn ball and act like a NFL tight end.  It would nice if you could learn to block but you were not brought here to do that so it is not fair to expect that from you.  A shoulder pad on a linebacker here and there would help though.
6)     BJ Askew:  You wanted it and now you got it.  The chance to be the starting fullback for the New York Jets.  Prove you can pick up the blitz and open some holes for the running backs.  Prove you can make some catches out of the backfield and can be a threat in the offense.
7)     Eric Coleman/Kerry Rhodes/Victor Hobson/ Jericco Cotchery:  You have showed glimpses of being above average players now take it to another level. This coaching staff is going to get you in shape and put you in the places to make plays, now can you make them?  You have been asking for the playing time now is your chance to scoop it up and solidify your spots on the team.
8)     The New York Jets Coaching Staff:  You have been given the opportunity to develop your own team, your own philosophies and your own success.  Prove to the NFL that you have what it takes to put together a strong game plan that gives the team a chance to win.  Prove to your players that you can manage a game and will not be overwhelmed by the responsibilities you have been given.  Make us all believers.
There is a sense of optimism amongst Jets fans and rightfully so as it appears they are heading in the right direction.  These players and coaches have a lot to prove and it is going to be very interesting to see the results.  Here is hoping we are not all walking around with blindfolds on, as I am sure my liver will not be able to handle it.


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