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Memorial Day

As you spend this weekend barbequing with family, we ask that you don’t let the true meaning of Memorial Day be forgotten.  As you enjoy the day off on Monday, we ask that you don’t forget those brave soldiers that paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  We have come to think of Memorial Day as our official kick off to summer.  We would all be better served remembering the true meaning of the day, honoring those who died in war.
To the brave soldiers that gave their lives for this country, we thank you.  Our lives are better because of you.  Our families are safer because you fought for us.   On this Memorial Day we salute you.  We honor your memory.  If it were not for you, so many of the liberties that we take for granted would not be ours.  Although we can never pay you back for what you have given to us, we pray for you.  We thank God for your fearlessness and for the sacrifice that you made. 

To the families who have lost loves ones, we salute you as well.  There is nothing we can do to erase the pain that you feel.  Just know that the hero you cry for is appreciated.  His or her life was not lost in vein.  Even though we may be apart, they shall live forever in our mind and hearts.  We are free because of the American Solider.

Also to the soldiers that are serving now and to those that have served in the past.  We thank you for your service.  Your dedication to this Country is what makes us all so proud of the U.S.A.


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