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What Is Your Stance?

By Tyson Rauch 

Why is it that Giant fans rip Eli Manning up and down, are skeptical about Tom Coughlin and in the next breath claim they are going 11-5 this season?  How is it that Cowboy fans think that Drew Bledsoe will return to his Pro Bowl form (when that form has been gone for years) and the Boys are destined for the Super Bowl? And where did the fish fans come up with this newfound theory that Culpepper is made to play in a controlled Saban system and it is Super Bowl or bust this year?  Better yet while listening to all of this nonsense I kept asking myself one question; as a Jets fan what in the hell is my stance? 
Comparing the Jets to other situations in the NFL will certainly put a knot in your stomach and a beer in your hand.  Right now the only thing the Jets fans have to hang their hat on is hope.  We all have to hope that Mike Tannenbaum actually knows what he is doing with personnel related issues.  We have to hope that Eric Mangini and his staff can handle their coaching responsibilities, earn the respect of their team and effectively manage their team on the field.   We have to hope that there is some kind of silver lining at the quarterback position with either Chad coming back healthy, Ramsey resurrecting himself or Clemens taking over the franchise.   Ok anyone taking a dose of reality pills yet?

As a Jets fan I think it is time to truly face the music and realize that this year for the New York Jets will be a painful one.  There are going to be struggles with coaches getting acquainted with players, players getting adjusted to systems and newly composed systems finding a way to defeat opponents.  We are all going to have to get used to hearing catch phrases like “growing pains� “learning curves�  “price to pay to rebuild�  “beginning of a long process� and so on and so forth.  The question is how are you going to handle it?
Are you still going to attend as many Jets games as you can, even the ones late in December when the weather is cold and the prospects of winning bleak? Are you still going to proudly wear your Jets attire throughout the ENTIRE season?  How are you going to handle mental mistakes, blown assignments and losing?  Will you be pro- Mangini up until Labor Day and then be the first caller on the local radio show to rip the team when they hit their first speed bump?  Will you be a proud fan until the Jets slow start and then go back to your shell and become an empty seat?  What is your stance?

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