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You Make the Call

By Tyson Rauch

Here you go Jets fans, your chance to play NFL coach and make the final personnel decisions for the New York Jets. 
1.        Who do you start at the number #2 receiver position, McCareins or Cotchery?   My view:  For some reason I think Cotchery is going to get a legitimate chance to take away the spot from Justin.  I think Herm kept him in to justify the money they threw at him.
2.        What two players do you start at the safety position? 
My view: I am going to go with Coleman and Rhodes but I really think Rashad Washington if he can stay healthy could make a bigger impact this year.

3.        What 4 linebackers make your starting linebacker unit? 
My View: This one is a crapshoot in my eyes but I guess I am going with V      Vilma, Barton, Schlegel and Hobson.
4.        What position do you groom Bryan Thomas to play DE or OLB? 
My view: I think his time on this team is over.  Not quick enough to play LB and strong enough to play DE in a 3-4.
5.        What do you do with the tight end position? 
My view: Depending on Chris Baker’s health it is his job to lose with Jolley relegated to the spread out sets only.  Both will be gone next year.
6.        What do you do with the running back position? Running back by committee or just give Martin the bulk of the carries?  
My view:  I think the Jets need to find out what they have in Blaylock.  Curtis can get 15-18 carries a game but time to work in new blood back there.
7.        What position do you start Mangold out at? 
My view: Place him at center the first day of camp and let him learn and grow into the position as well as develop chemistry with the rest of the line.  No need to bounce him around.
8.        How many quarterbacks do you keep on the roster and if only 3 who are you cutting? 
My view: This comes down to Brooks vs. Ramsey and I think Ramsey will be the odd man out.  It comes down to intelligence and leadership and I think Patrick lacks both of those
9.        Who is the starting quarterback of the NY Jets? 
My view:  Chad Pennington will start the season and will be replaced week 9 by Kellen Clemens.
10.    How will Jonathan Vilma handle his new role? 
My view:  I think he is going to struggle a ton in the new defense until the Jets get the proper personnel in place which maybe in 2007.
Bonus Questions:  Who is the first veteran player on the Jets that gets cut by Mangini?
My vote here is Bryan Thomas.
Who is the team MVP for 2006?:  I am going with #87 as he is going to shine in a creative offense.
Who is the team goat for 2006?  I think it is going to be Dewayne Robertson and he will be shipped out in the off season of 2007.

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