Baseball Nick Ferraro Power Rankings – MLB Power Rankings

 By Nick Ferraro 

1.     Chicago White Sox        47-25

It may be a repeat if Ozzie can keep himself from forcing the team to let him go.

2.     New York Mets               47-28
The Mets are seemingly up 1-0 on everyone before the game even starts.

3.     Boston Red Sox             44-28

Is it too early to mention Papelbon as an MVP and Cy Young candidate?

4.     Detroit Tigers                 48-25
The record gets gaudier and more people become believers each day. 
5.     New York Yankees         42-31
Big Unit is showing signs of life; Wang has been impressive.
6. St. Louis Cardinals             42-32
With Pujols back, they should extend to a more comfortable lead in the Central.
7. Toronto Blue Jays             41-34
Starting to back up a bit in the East.  Halladay is not enough.
8. Minnesota Twins               39-35
Santana is back in form, but there is a ton of ground to make up.
9. Cincinnati Reds                 41-35
Two games under .500 at home, eight games over on the road…what do they have against Ohio?

10. Los Angeles Dodgers    40-35

Garciaparra is up to a league-leading .362. 

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