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By Max

08/09/06 – 5:30pm Practice
This practice can be described best with these words:  game preparation.  They spent a lot of time on the 2 minute drill.  The focus seemed to be on substitutions (both sides of the ball).  The kickoff and punt teams saw lots of action.  Here are some other observations.
The good:
·          Shotgun – it is part of this offense.
·          Tim Dwight and Brad Smith are explosive.  Dwight was all over the place, he never seems to get tired.  Smith made an acrobatic catch in the end zone on a ball thrown by Patrick Ramsey.  (Ramsey also had another nice TD pass to Reggie Newhouse).
·          Accountability:  Isaac Snell committed a false start early in practice.  He knew he owed the team a lap.  Nobody had to say anything.  He just left the formation and started jogging.

·          Doug Jolley might finally emerge and become a big part of this offense.  He looked good especially when he hooked up with Chad Pennington on a 20 yard TD (during the two minute drill).
·          Cedric Houston looked good, especially when running up the middle.  Now this was a non-contact session but he hit the holes hard.  He looked inside first and only took it outside when nothing was happening between the tackles.
 The bad:
·          The offense is simply not ready.  Maybe Pennington is the answer.  If so their performance will improve once the four man rotation stops.  Until such time they are inconsistent at best (The team did not move the ball well during the 2 minute drill).
·          Cotchery had a good practice but he dropped a perfectly thrown ball from Clemens during the 11 on 11 drill.  He gave the universal “my bad� sign before the ball hit the ground.
·          Spend any amount of time watching the defensive line rotation and you will be concerned.  If there is a unit that has a lot to prove, this is it.
The interesting:
·          The practices are long.  Really long.  It will be interesting to see if Mangini and company know when to crack the whip and when to ease up as the season progresses.
·          The loud music at camp really seems to keep the players energized and focused.
·          The injured players worked harder on the sidelines than the rest of the team.  The eight players who were unfortunate enough to miss the practice spent the time (2.5 hours) doing sit ups, riding exercise bikes, doing sprints, walking and stretching.  They looked spent especially considering that they were located in full sun the entire time.  Is that a coincidence?  Or is it Mangini being very detailed oriented?  Either way there is no such thing as missing practice under Mangini.
·          Lots of goal line formations that saw tight ends in the backfield (Dressen and Jolley).
·          Bryan Thomas spent a lot of time in pass coverage.  We are not ready to proclaim that he has arrived but he held his own.
·          Leon Washington, Cothcery, Dwight and McCareins all took turns returning punts.
Trick plays.  They cover everything.  The hook and ladder play is alive and well.  Laterals are an option.  If the Jets are losing and time is running out, they will be interesting if nothing else.

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