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A Dehermanizing Experience

By Tyson Rauch
After watching the first two pre-season games of the 2006 season there were so many things that confused my eyes.  Players ran back to the huddle once the whistle blew.  The offensive and defensive formations appeared to be changing continuously.  Game and time management appeared to make sense and there was a portly, intense gentleman barking out commands left and right on the sideline.  Jets fans it is time for us to cleanse ourselves of our football past and go through a dehermanization.

The dehermanization will help you in many ways.  For example, you will no longer feel compelled to:
·          correctly identify every play call. 
·          yell time out at the television screen.
·          scream Blitz at the top of your lungs when it is apparently needed. 
·          shake your head in disgust and try to explain to your family and friends why your head coach is a walking sound clip.
Understanding it is only the preseason, one must still be impressed at how Eric Mangini has started to change the culture within this team.  They appear to be well conditioned, focused and physical.  There is a lot of attention paid to details and mental and physical mistakes are not tolerated.  Coaching and discipline have replaced preaching and laziness.  Of course this culture change does not guarantee success but in my eyes the New York Jets are headed in the right direction.

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