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The Media And Mangini

In case you haven’t already noticed, Jets beat-writers have been on a mission to character assassinate new head coach, Eric Mangini, and new general manager, Mike Tannenbaum. 

Jet Moses is mad as Hell, and is not going to take it anymore.Mike Vaccaro (NY Post) recently called Jets HQ a “gulag�. Selena Roberts (NY Times) did a scathing story that suggests Mangini is a Belichick wannabe who “hasn’t earned his hoodie�, a condescending reference to Bill Belichick’s frequent attire. Adrian Wojnarowski (who the heck is Adrian Wojnarowski?) calls Mangini’s personality a “Sergeant Schultz act� (Bad analogy, Adrian). The hacks who write for these papers will tell you that they are frustrated by the level of secrecy that is standard policy for the recent residents in Hempstead. They claim that it is thwarting them from doing their jobs. On the surface, these may seem like legitimate complaints, but they are not.

When interpreted, the true character of this gaggle is revealed. They are demonstrating the behavior of one who has been coddled and spoon-fed a plethora of information for the past five seasons and now, it’s been taken away from them. Boo Hoo. They miss their sugar daddy, Herman Edwards. They miss the all-access passes, the two-hour interview sessions in Herm’s office and the free lunches.

But get this: They assert that they are only throwing perpetual cheap shots at Mangini, because they care about us, the fans. That’s right, they only want to get the updated Jets depth chart, because they know how important it us to us, the fans. Right. Just like politicians do it “for the children�. This is so transparent. We all know it’s all about self-aggrandizement. These hacks spent the last five seasons doing everything they could to spin every story to make Herman Edwards look like he actually knew what he was doing. They didn’t care about us, the fans. We knew the idiot was incompetent and we stated our opinions. We were shouted down by the gaggle, and their sycophantic horde of specific Jets fans (Hermaphrodites) that actually fell for the spin and propaganda hook, line and sinker. This level of dishonesty has reached its critical mass.
To quote Howard Beale, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!” It’s time for the gaggle to get what they have had coming for a long time- a taste of their own medicine. Front and center, is Mark Cannizaro. Mark misses Herm, and he can’t get over the fact that Herms gone. Mark and Herm wrote a book together. How sweet. They had one of those you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back type of relationships. Get a load of this maudlin crap this joker wrote back on January 7, 2006, in the NY Post:
“A year removed from leading the Jets within a 43-yard field goal of the AFC Championship Game, Herman Edwards is out as the Jets’ head coach – unceremoniously booted away by management.â€?
Booted, Mark? The man orchestrated his own departure. There’s no doubt in my mind Herm conspired with Dick Vermeil when they went out for dinner together, the night before KC’s home opener, on September 11, 2005.  Two months later in November (remember that bizarre press conference where Herm babbled about “leaving it better for the next guy, because it’s not about you, it’s about the next guyâ€??) and then again the day after the 2005 season Herm insisted he was not going to Kansas City – then less than a week later, with two years remaining on his Jets contract, he gets a four-year deal at more money to coach the Chiefs. How do you reconcile all that, Mark?
You went on:  “For him to go from hero to goat in a span of eight months . . . that amazes me.”
Hero? Who thought Herm was a hero after the playoff game in Pittsburgh, besides you? You want amazement, Mark? Call up Joe Beningo, and ask him he thought Herm was a hero.
Only a sycophant such as you could paint a silver lining on that inglorious debacle of a Herman Edwards meltdown at the end of that game. He froze his own kicker twice and then afterwards threw him under the bus.  Just like he did to Quincy Carter and Santana Moss in two previous deer in the headlights moments. Let’s not forget the 2-4 finish to the season, where he needed the Bills to blow a game to the Steelers third stringers to back door the Jets into the playoffs (a Herm tradition).  All because Herm couldn’t muster a single win in December that would have solidified a playoff spot. Let’s get back to September 11, 2005 at Arrowhead. It was humiliating: 27-7. Riddle me this, Mark, “in a span of eight months� where did Herm fall on that day, during that transitional process of yours- “hero� or “goat�?
Let’s revisit the 6-10 season in 2003. There was a leak from an un-named source that “Atlanta was interested in hiring Herman Edwards�. If I recall correctly, there was a certain beat writer who kept promoting this sense of urgency to get Herm signed to a contract extension, lest he be lured away by imaginary suitors. Not only did Herm not deserve a contract extension, he should have been outright fired.
 Recently, you reached your low point when you threw a temper tantrum on the first day of training camp because your needs weren’t being met. You took it all out on an innocent bystander by describing D’Brickashaw Ferguson as “scurrying away from reporters and fans like a timid child�, because he wouldn’t answer your questions.  Just because Herm is no longer here you took a cheap, petty shot at a young player who did absolutely nothing to you. We get it, Mark. You hate the Jets. You hate Woody Johnson. Hey, I’m not crazy about Woody, myself. I thought the guy was way out of line raising ticket prices during the five years he had an incompetent clown like Herman Edwards running the team. You hate Mike Tannenbaum.  You hate Eric Mangini, but you accepted his invitation to his annual one-day football camp, at Bulkeley High School, in Hartford, back in June. You wish that the Jets had done something stupid like hired Mike Tice or Mike Martz, so you could dump on them even more than you already do. Mark, why don’t you just ask for an assignment transfer? You’ve been with the Post long enough, so I’m sure they can accommodate you. Or better yet, why don’t you move out to Kansas City? I hear they have great BBQ and I’m sure they have a few good golf courses. You and Herm can even write another book. Call it: The Peter Principle.


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