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Can it be? A must win?

By Tyson Rauch
Yes Jets fans, the season opener for this rebuilding team is a must win.  Think I am crazy? Well here is my logic:
1) After a very difficult, physical training camp, a win to start off the season would put a positive feeling in the locker room.  It would also help the new coaching staff earn respect and trust from the players.  This team is not being given much credit from anyone in the NFL and this could help their psyche. In addition it is never easy to get a win on the road, so it also could set a good tone for the future.
2) The pressure to get the first win of the season out of the way will be gone especially before heading into a difficult home opener against New England.  A loss to start the season potentially followed by another loss to the Patriots could start the vultures swirling around the Jets.
3) The first 8 games the Jets play before the bye include 4 potentially tough match ups that could result in a loss, therefore games like this one must result in a win in order to keep the team in contention and playing meaningful games.
4) A solid win could get the media off of the back of the new coaching staff.  The skeptics are waiting to blast the training camp tactics and this could be a nice silencer for a while.  It may not sound important but the players will get tired quick of answering negative questions.
Does the sound of a must win for this Sunday still sound crazy?
As my parting shot I would just like to say congratulations to Chad Pennington.  Not many people believed in you and many quit on you.  You not only persevered but you also proved everyone wrong.  The fact that you are the starting quarterback for the New York Jets says a lot about the man that you are and the character that is inside of you.  Here is to a great season and the best of luck to the New York Jets!  Are you ready?

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