Nick Ferraro Power Rankings

Week One Power Rankings

By Nick Ferraro

1.      Pittsburgh Steelers – the champs can win games with Charlie Batch at QB.  How many teams can say that?
2.      Seattle Seahawks – Not very impressive, but a road win nonetheless.  Adding Deion Branch is a big move.
3.      Indianapolis Colts – a very nice road win against a quality opponent for the Colts.
4.      Cincinnati Bengals – completely dominated the Chiefs in KC.  If they have a defense, it’s problems for the rest of the league.
5.      San Diego Chargers – Rivers will do just enough for the talented Chargers.
6.      Chicago Bears – Threw a shutout on the road at the Packers who do have some decent talent on offense.
7.      Philadelphia Eagles – They may be the team to beat in the NFC East.
8.      Jacksonville Jaguars – A very big win for the Jags who needed it given the schedule they face.
9.      Atlanta Falcons – a dominating performance on the road against everyone’s pick to make the big game
10.    New England Patriots – Escaping at home against the Bills is sad.

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