Nick Ferraro Power Rankings

Week Three Power Rankings

by Nick Ferraro

1.  Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks jumped all over the Giants to end the suspense early Sunday.  Their reign at the top of this list will be tested without Alexander.
2.  Indianapolis Colts – The Colts still have the feisty Jags at arms length in the AFC South.

3.  Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals grabbed a victory from the jaws of defeat Sunday.  They also set themselves up for a major run at the division title.

4.  San Diego Chargers – I am interested in seeing the Bolts line up against a quality opponent.

5.  Chicago Bears – The Bears can establish themselves as the early-season NFC favorite with a win Sunday over Seattle.

6.  Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jags had the better of the Colts for the first half, but they didn’t take advantage of it.

7.  New Orleans – The run defense and play of Drew Brees gets the Saints into the top ten for the first time ever.

8.  Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles are very dangerous when Westbrook is healthy.

9.  Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens were less than impressive Sunday, but road wins are scarce in this league, and they got one to stay undefeated.

10.  Atlanta Falcons – Asking Vick and company to win in the Superdome on a Monday night in the first game since Katrina is almost unfair.

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