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Week Four – Start \ Sit

by The Troll 

START QB Daunte Culpepper, Miami – The Texans’ are the worst team in the league when it comes to defending the pass. Is Culpepper the worst quarterback in the league? Burning questions to be answered this Sunday at Reliant Stadium. Remember last week when I said the Titans’ game was Culpepper’s last chance? Well, that was his last chance to prove himself to be a viable fantasy starter. THIS is his last chance to remain on your roster and off the waiver wire. START QB Ronald Mexico, Atlanta – He’s coming off a terrible outing against the Saints, but Ronnie should have a fiesta, by air and ground against the Cardinals’ swiss cheese defense.

SIT QB Kurt Warner, Arizona – How could you possibly start him this week? After being Dirk Koetter’d by head coach Dennis Green earlier this week, Warner will face Atlanta’s opportunistic defense, which intercepted 4 passes in the first two games of the season.

SIT QB Charlie Frye, Cleveland – It’s getting to be trendy for fantasy columnists to hope on the Charlie Frye bandwagon as of late. Coming from someone who has watched him play thrice this season, and not just glanced at a stat’s sheet, the dude is TERRIBLE. And, what freaking stat sheet are these guys looking at? The one I am looking at says that Frye has thrown for 2 touchdowns, been picked off 5 times, and lost two fumbles. Oh, but he has three rushing touchdowns! I’ll chalk that up to fluke occurrence. Hell, Peyton Manning has one and I don’t think anyone has delusions of grandeur that the “rocket-armed” fake-mustachioed choker is the suddenly the second coming of Fran Tarkenton. I don’t care if Frye is playing the Raiders or not, he is not currently worthy of a spot on your roster.

START HB Leon Washington, NY Jets – Fun fact: the Colts are in the bottom five of the league in rush yards allowed, giving up an average of 162 yards per game this season. And don’t think our favorite cherub-like head coach didn’t watch what diminutive lightning bug Maurice Jones-Drew did to them last week.

START HB Lamont Jordan, Oakland – Much like Daunte Culpepper, this tilt with the horrid Browns’ rush defense may be LJ’s last stand. If Lamont can’t break out this week, then I am sorry to inform you that you wasted your 1st round pick. Oh well, it’s not like guys like Willie Parker, Brian Westbrook, and Willis McGahee were available, right?

SIT HB Jamal Lewis, Baltimore – The Chargers topped the league in rush defense last season and are top five again this year. Steve McNair hasn’t been much better than Kyle Boller, so no pressure is being taken off Lewis. It’s hard to believe this is the same guy that rushed for 2,000 yards just three years ago.

SIT HB Thomas Jones, Chicago – Jones has been downright Barlow-like in the first three weeks of the season. There is no reason to think things will improve this week against the Seahawks’ stout run D. 

START WR Braylon Edwards, Cleveland – The Raiders’ pass defense ranks second in the league. That tends to happen whenever opposing teams are running out the clock before the end of the 1st quarter. Edwards has really started to come along lately and has blossomed into a solid #3 fantasy receiver. He is also living proof that it is in fact possible for 124 to be right.
START WR Keyshawn Johnson, Carolina – With Steve Smith back, the pressure is off Johnson and he rewarded patient fantasy owners in a big way last week with a 2 touchdown performance. Unless, of course, you traded him for Jerious Norwood after week one like I did. Unfortunately, there are no mulligans in fantasy football.

SIT WR Derek Mason, Baltimore – Mason hasn’t really given fantasy owners much to cheer about, unless he happens to be on your opponent’s team. Things are not looking up as he faces the Chargers’ top-ranked pass defense.

SIT WR Keenan McCardell, San Diego – I would actually not start ANY human playing in this game. (LaDainian Tomlinson is not human.) 

That’s all for this week. The Colts suck.


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