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Is it the System or the Player?

By Tyson Rauch

The 2006 New York Jets have shown its fan base many things in the early part of the season. For one the team will be prepared mentally and physically for every game they play in.  Secondly the coaching staff has a clear understanding of how to lead the team and how to manage a game.  This is a strong foundation to build a team from but from there it comes down to the personnel and their execution of the plays.
Defensively the Jets have struggled stopping the run and many times the running backs are 5-6 yards downfield before being touched substantially by a player.  The interior linemen for the Jets, mainly Kimo Von Oelhoffen and Dewayne Robertson have found themselves struggling to shed blocks leading to huge holes and gaps.  In addition linebackers Jonathan Vilma and Eric Barton are having difficulty getting off blocks to attack the running game.  So is it the players or the system?  . If it is the players, then why not suit your system to the players until you have the correct personnel?  If it is the system why not change it until you have the correct players to fit it? Funny it appears to be almost the same questions and answers.  On offense it appears that Cedric Houston (before injury) and Leon Washington continuously give the running game a spark and the offense some productivity.  So why does Kevan Barlow continue to get the bulk of the carries?
So what is the reason for the Jets struggles? Is it the systems being implemented prematurely?  Is it the players under-performing?  Maybe the personnel is not being evaluated correctly? Or are Jets fans being spoiled with the early success and demanding too much out of a team that is merely overachieving? 
·          Great to see Shaun Ellis getting into the fold with a couple of sacks and bringing some life to the D Line.
·          Justin Miller sure does give a huge cushion to wide receivers?
·          The Jets kicking game is coming along and Graham is really developing into a heck of a punter.  Nugent’s kickoffs are still weak hopefully not by design.

  • Can Brad Smith get more reps at wide receiver yet?

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