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Week 6 Start \ Sit

by The Troll 

START QB Drew Bledsoe, Dallas – The Texans’ pass defense has been the league’s worst, so Bledsoe should rebound from his awful performance against Philadelphia last week. After that, trade him, because it is obvious that even with two #1 receivers, a top ten tight end, and a solid ground game, Drew Bledsoe is still a terrible quarterback.

START QB JP Losman, Buffalo – The Lions have given up the most scores through the air in the league. In a week where six teams are on bye, Losman should be an adequate fill-in for those owners that are getting sodomized by the schedule.

SIT QB Jake Delhomme, Carolina – Delhomme has been solid since Steve Smith returned to the Panthers lineup, but things will change this Sunday as he takes on a stout Ravens defense that held Delhomme-clone Jake Plummer in check Monday night.

SIT QB Alex Smith, San Francisco – Smith has looked like a far different player than he did last season, as he tripled his 2005 touchdown pass total on Sunday alone. However, while Smith may be worthy of a roster spot, there is no way he should start this week against the Chargers’ top-ranked pass defense.

START RB Ronnie Brown, Miami – Not only are the Jets ranked in the bottom five when it comes to defending the run, they have given up ELEVEN rushing touchdowns. I’m no mathematician, but that is over a two a game. This New York rush defense is a fan’s nightmare and a fantasy player’s dream.

START RB Maurice Morris, Seattle – The Rams rush defense has been okay, but they still rank in the bottom half of the league. This is your last (and only) chance to capitalize on that Shaun Alexander injury, so use it.

SIT RB Frank Gore, San Francisco – In addition to their #1 pass defense, the Chargers are also sporting the league’s top run defense. Gore has lost his goal-line duties due to his fondness of coughing up the football, so he has very little upside in a game that he will be lucky to gain 60 yards in.

SIT RB Edgerin James, Arizona – I hope you weren’t one of the people that wasted a first round pick on Edge. Without his wonderful Indy offensive line or his laser, rocket-armed QB to keep heat off of him, James has been bitterly average. He also sucks outdoors, which is not good because he plays his home games outside of the friendly dome. Start him against St. Louis, not against Chicago. In fact, try to trade him now to someone that still thinks it is 2003.

START WR Lee Evans, Buffalo – I normally shy away from putting Evans here, because everytime I do, he does absolutely nothing. Which kills me. Not because I am wrong, but because, for some reason, I always draft Lee Evans. But, the numbers can’t be overlooked. Detroit is 30th in the NFL against the pass, and with 11 touchdowns surrendered, their pass defense is every bit as awful as the Jets rush defense. Evans is also coming off of three consecutive games in which he reached at least 90 yards through the air. The stars are aligned for a big day in the Motor City.

START WR Wes Welker, Miami – Welker has actually been more productive than Chris Chambers thus far, catching more passes for more yards, and making up for Chambers’ two scores by returning kicks. Expect Welker to have a big day Sunday against the Jets, as he will be returning kickoffs all day long.

SIT WR Anquan Boldin, Arizona – It’s hard to get excited when ANY of your players is facing that Bears defense. Boldin is no exception, especially without Larry Fitzgerald to take heat off of him and with a rookie QB with a noodle-arm tossing beach balls in his direction.

SIT WR Randy Moss, Oakland – Moss has actually caught scoring tosses in each of the past two games. However, he won’t reach paydirt this Sunday against a Broncos pass defense that has given up only one (garbage-time) touchdown all season. Although, that is cause for a bit of hope, as everything after the 1st quarter should be garbage-time in this barnburner.

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