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Week 13 Start \ Sit

Leighton Clark is under the weather this week.  So he has compiled the run-n-shoot version of the Start\Sit.  No explanations just information.  Here is this week’s list (oh and to our author, feel better — I hope those sniffles clear up real soon):

START QB Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh
START QB Tom Brady, New England
START QB Chad Pennington, NYJ

SIT QB Joey Harrington, Miami
SIT QB Jon Kitna, Detroit
SIT QB Jake Delhomme, Carolina

START HB Frank Gore, San Francisco
START HB Travis Henry, Tennessee
START HB DeAngelo Williams, Carolina

SIT HB Thomas Jones, Chicago
SIT HB Kevin Jones, Detroit
SIT HB Tiki Barber, NYG

START WR Lauveranues Coles, NYJ
START WR Mark Clayton, Baltimore
START WR Muhsin Muhummad, Chicago

SIT WR Chris Chambers, Miami
SIT WR Plaxico Burress, NYG
SIT WR Deion Branch, Seattle

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