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Lambeau: A Football Paradise

By Tyson Rauch
Picture this: Snow flurrying in the air.  Brisk winds push through the parking lot.  Brats and beers being enjoyed everywhere.  Yes my friends, this is the Lambeau experience in December and there is no better atmosphere anywhere in the National Football League.  

As great as the stadium is with its history and tradition the fans and residents are just as great.  The atmosphere is festive and friendly and you feel welcome at all times.  In addition to their kindness they have an undying love for their Packers that is not found in most cities.  This could not be reflected any better than in the latter part of the Jets 38-10 blowout win and the stadium is still 95% full.  Think that happens in the Meadowlands?
Other than enjoying the Lambeau experience it was great to see the Jets come out focused, determined and fairly aggressive.  It was clear they understood their game plan and attacked the weaknesses of the Packers.  Another notch in the belt of Mangini as the Jets keep cruising along, opening some doors and eyes along the way. 
Why is everyone in the media shunning the Jets due to their schedule?  Just because on paper a game looks “easy� does that mean it is automatically a win?  It is starting to get annoying that the Jets, while improving, are not getting much credit nationally just because they are winning games against lesser teams.  Then if they lose to a lesser team the pundits will give you the “I told you so� stating the Jets are not that good of a team.  Seems like a lose-lose experience for the Jets no?  They win, it is not a big deal because they beat a bad team, and if they lose it proves they are not that good.  So what gives?
Side Notes:

  1. How is that Bryan Thomas and Cotcherry could not get these opportunities under Herman Edwards? 
  2. Anyone else getting tired of hearing how Herman Edwards is a defensive coach while this is the best the defense has played with basically the same cast of characters?
  3. Have you placed your Pro Bowl Vote for Kerry Rhodes yet?

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