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By Tyson Rauch 

It was a bright brisk day at the Meadowlands with all of the playoff pieces falling into place for the New York Jets.  With a win on Sunday the Jets could take a substantial step ahead in the race for a wild card spot in the playoffs and better yet would be one game behind the division leading Patriots.   The stadium was rocking and the excitement ran through the building.  There was only one problem, the Jets and their coaching staff were not ready for the next step.  It appeared that someone changed the new look Jets back into the colors of the old and Gang Green proceeded to get blown out of the building.  Gone was the aggressive play calling.  Gone was the fire and brimstone approach formally shown by the Jets.  Back was the same old Jets.

Just when you thought it was safe to think things have changed for the New York Jets the reality of their ineptitude creeps back in.  The names and faces change but the results are the same.  In a league where any team can win on any day it appears that once again the Jets came up short when it matters most.  This was a team effort and it starts at the top with a coaching staff known for their guts and creativity coming up conservative and scared.  A famous man once said “You play to win the game� and unfortunately coach Mangini played to not lose.  Sound familiar?  Same old Jets, same old results.
Of course the Jets will come out this weekend with a valiant effort, striving to get themselves back in the playoff hunt.  They will try to suck the Jet fan back into believing in them for three more weeks.  Believe they will put behind another bad conference loss and will find a way to make the playoffs.  But have we not been there before? Have we learned nothing?  It is easy to win when you are not expected to, but a lot more difficult to win when the playoffs are on the line and the heat is on.  This coaching staff and team have a long way to go before I believe in them again.   My prediction is that this team ends the season 8-8 and out of the playoffs.  

  • I love to get rowdy as much as the next guy but the bottom line is that we are fans and this is just a game.  To all you morons that decided to brawl in front of the bathrooms near section 306 you should be banned for life from the stadium.  The look of fear in the eyes of the kids walking by was downright sad.

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