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Some NFL Athletes Are A Step Above Cavemen

by Patrick Stantonface
JetNation.com Senior Writer

You’re in the AFC Divisional Playoffs, you’re up by 4 and you just stopped the opponent after a disastrous muff of a punt return on your own 30.

How do you react? You jump up, start throwing your hands back and forth, running your big mouth and because that’s not enough, you get into the face of your opponent who should be walking off the field for the FG Unit, continue to talk smack and in the middle of 10 refs with nothing better to do, you head butt an opponent of course.

How stupid can you be? How far removed from basic thought, how far gone from the grid of professional behavior, how much removed from common sense can you possibly act? The problem is guys like Chargers CB Florence are the rule, not the exception. This league is filled with a select, yet significant number of Neanderthals who if it wasn’t for their god-given talent of football would be scrubbing floors, flipping burgers or washing cars.

When you’re paid that amount of money to play a game, there are certain expectations that come with it. Keeping your cool under fire, maintaining your temper and playing the game is one of them. What isn’t expected is the need to constantly remind the world that you made a tackle or that you’re are ‘fired up’ to the point of losing control, that is childish and absurd.

The NFL is becoming unbearable to watch. If it isn’t the ridiculous rules of the NFL, protecting their skirt-wearing QBs through endless roughing the passer penalties, it’s the showboat atmosphere of these idiots celebrating after every single tackle, every single first down. It’s watching a defense work their rear ends off to stop a drive, only to have one idiot completely flush it down the drain because they had to get up and ‘represent’.

There’s a reason that baseball and hockey fans have their loyal fans, the ‘purists’, who constantly pursue maintenance of each sport’s respective traditions. While not always successful, their influence is nonetheless felt and has to a degree, safeguarded a number of things. There is none of that in the NFL. The NFL has slowly sunk to a step above WWE entertainment between the BS rules and the absolute showboating, trash talking, dancing, and routine over-the-top celebrations of what a high school player does every Friday.

The NFL cracks down on all the wrong things. Throw a football into the stands, $500. Play with socks not pulled up, $500. Wear your jersey hanging out, or pay respects to a fallen US soldier who was once a member of your player fraternity, a couple grand. Run your mouth in the press; make the entire game about you? Nothing. Celebrate like you just got your first piece of rear end in high school every time you make a tackle, first down or any other routine play? Nothing. Whine and complain to an official after every incomplete pass, every QB sack, every time a play doesn’t go your way? Nothing.

Football may be a game of emotions but it is also a business and along with being a professional comes a certain code of conduct. I ask you to think about this.  Take your line of work, whether it is business, labor, law enforcement or clerical and imagine acting like a complete idiot, jumping up and down, trash-talking every time you sealed a sale, built a car, made an arrest or completed a report. Most of us would be fired or written up in a heartbeat. I’m not saying that teams should congratulate each other, celebrate a score or a game-changing play together, not at all. I’m talking about the solo, hey world look at me garbage that the NFL has become infected with.
I’m really close to permanently turning the channel on the NFL and never coming back. The sideshows outside the actual play of the game are becoming too numerous, too distracting and too annoying to ignore anymore. The sad part is the NFL could care less. This game stopped being about the fans years ago, long having sold out to commercial interests, Television ratings, money hungry owners and spoiled rotten players.

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