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Super Bowl XLI Report Card

by Joe Grinwis

Peyton Manning: 25-38, 247 yards, TD, INT – B
Rex Grossman: 20-28, 165 yards, TD, 2 INT – D

Peyton Manning had an early rough going but turned it around as he led the Colts to their second championship and also claimed the games MVP award. Rex Grossman on the other hand… well… Rex Grossman was Rex Grossman. Inconsistency is the word for Sexy Rexy.

Running Back:
Addai & Rhodes: 40 carries, 190 yards, 1 TD – A
Jones & Benson: 17 carries, 111 yards – B-

Addai & Rhodes both had productive nights on the ground and through the air. Jones & Benson on the other hand were pretty much all Jones after Benson left early on after only 2 carries for -1 yard and did not return. Jones was however the most consitent Bear of the night.

Wide Receiver:
Wayne & Harrison: 7 carries, 120 yards, TD – C+
Muhammad & Berrian: 7 carries, 73 yards, TD – C-

Harrison was non existent and so was Wayne aside from his 1st quarter 53 yard touchdown catch. Both Muhammad & Berrian weren’t around much either as Joseph Addai (10 receptions, 66 yards) was Indy’s leading receiver.

Tight End:
Clark & Utecht: 5 receptions, 44 yards – C
Desmond Clark: 6 receptions, 64 yards – C

Desmond Clark (Chicago) led the Bears in receiving and Dallas Clark hauled in 4 of the 5 grabs by Indy’s usually dynamic TE duo. The rain obviously effected Indianapolis’ passing game, as well as the Bears’ back four.

Offensive Line:
Indianapolis: A
Chicago: C

Indy protected Peyton well all night against the Bears’ tough, big and physical front four. As well as opening up lanes for Addai & Rhodes. Chicago on the other hand… well Sexy Rexy was on the grass a lot looking not so sexy.

Defensive Line:
Indianapolis: C
Chicago: C

Both lines let up big gains on the ground and both mustered only a sack a piece. Booger McFarland proved worthy to Indianapolis however as he was in the backfield causing disruption as well as he notched the only sack of the night for Indy.

Indianapolis: B
Chicago: B+

Gary Brackett led the Colts’ defense with 8 tackles and Lance Briggs led the way for Chicago with 13 tackles. Both units stepped up nicely as was expected since they have Pro Bowlers on each unit.

Indianapolis: A
Chicago: B-

Bob Sanders showed how valuable he was once again by making a big interception and being in on a lot of the running plays. Indy with Sanders = a very good defense. Without him? A terrible defense is what they are. Chicago’s DB’s stepped up for the most part but a few blown assignments left them on the losing end.

Special Teams:
Indianapolis: B
Chicago: B+

Devin Hester was Chicago’s MVP on his one and only kickoff return chance by bringing it back to the house. Indy on the other hand.. come on guys, if the Bears weren’t a JV team a botched extra point snap and a missed 30 or so yard field goal just isn’t going to cut it. Vinatieri however still was 3-for-4.

Congrats to the Colts!

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