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JetNation Attacks Several Sites

JetNation.com continued its rapid web expansion this week by launching attacks at three other sites.  Fighting was intense but by all accounts the battle is over and JetNation.com has been triumphant.  Here is a video of the fighting.  Please be warned, it is graphic in nature.

The NY Jets surrendered their website without a fight.  It seems that they weren’t even sure they had a site.  The Jets did eventually send troops but Herman Edwards must have written the handbook on defense because the troops showed up after the battle was over.

The battle over the gang green was short lived as well.  They had many loyal soldiers who fought to the end.  But field general Petro was nowhere to be found.  Several calls from his troops went unanswered and the lack of leadership is what ended up doing them in.

The most intense fighting was reported in the battle over at jetsinsider.  They have an army of North Korean like power.  Granted they are mostly 15 years old but they are tough.  It wasn’t until the Nickelodeon kids choice awards came on TV last night that JetNation was truly able to make progress.  The ji army seemed to have lost its focus at that point.

Details of the new and improved JetNation.com will be announced in the coming days.  Until such time a curfew of 7pm EST will remain in effect.  Please be patient while the new Cabinet is determined.  We are pleased to announce that The Soothsayer has accepted the position of Piss Boy.  So while the important members of this new and improved site meet you can direct your questions to him here.  Or he can be reached via email: sooth@jetnation.com.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time.  We realize this won’t be easy on everyone.  We will work hard to make this transition smooth.


Max (Weblord Supreme)

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