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JetNation.com Announces Newest Moderator

JetNation.com is pleased to announce the newest addition to our moderator staff.  Thor99 has agreed to take on these additional responsibilities and we feel that Thor will be a valuable asset to the JetNation moderator team.  He has all the skills needed to make this transition seamless.  He is a die hard Jets fan, he has a long track record of making homo jokes and has demonstrated a knack for overeating.  Seems like the perfect fit.

This move was made in large part to stop the cannibalism amongst the current mod team.  We feel confident that Thor will help keep the peace.   Please click here for a better description of the problem.

Thank you Thor!  We know you will live up to the level of integrity that is expected from all JN mods.  It is truly a badge of honor and we are confident that you will wear it proudly.

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