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1. Oakland Raiders — Needs: QB, OL, LB, DT
JaMarcus Russell QB – LSU. The Calvin Johnson rumors are all smoke. Al Davis wants to push Jon Gruden’s buttons since he knows Gruden wants the freakishly talented WR, and Gruden and Davis are hardly friends. If he can get Gruden to twitch before the draft, the Raiders may be able to trade down, get the QB they need, and fill multiple positions. If not, they go with Russell and try to fix their disastrous OL in round two as this draft is deep on the OL.

2. Detroit Lions — Needs: QB, LB, DL
Gaines Adams DE – Clemson. If the Raiders keep their pick, the Lions become the pivotal players at the top of the board. Their phones will heat up as teams try to position themselves in front of Tampa for Calvin Johnson and in front of Cleveland for Brady Quinn. Quinn should be wearing a Lion jersey come the fall, but Millen will again misstep on draft day.

3. Cleveland Browns — Needs: QB, OL, RB
Brady Quinn QB – Notre Dame. The Browns are in an enviable position. They win with Quinn, Adrian Peterson, or Joe Thomas. Each play need positions, and each merits this spot in the draft. Cleveland added two free-agent offensive linemen, and the Jamal Lewis signing means QB gets the nod here.

4. Tampa Bay Bucs — Needs: OL , QB , WR
Calvin Johnson WR – Georgia Tech. Gruden gets his man. If he’s patient, he may not have to deal to make it happen. Johnson is the draft’s best player.

5. Arizona Cardinals — Needs: OL, DL, S, CB, LB
Joe Thomas OL – Wisconsin. Thomas gets slotted into Leonard Davis’s spot at tackle. The Cards want to protect their franchise QB. In Thomas they get the second highest rated player on the board.

6. Washington Redskins — Needs: DL, OL, WR
Amobi Okoye DT – Louisville. Adrian Peterson’s availability means the Skins will have ample opportunity to deal. If their smart, they may consider Peterson as the pick and make the brittle Clinton Portis trade bait. Okoye’s age and unbound upside make him an intoxicating prospect.

7. Minnesota Vikings — Needs: WR, S, QB
LaRon Landry S – LSU. Landry is the most talented player left on the board, but the Vikings would love the chance to trade down to grab a wideout to fill their most glaring need.

8. Atlanta Falcons — Needs: OL, DL, WR
Jamaal AndersonDE – Arkansas. The Dirty Birds hope Anderson fills the void left by the departed Patrick Kerney.

9. Miami Dolphins — Needs: OL, DL, QB, TE
Levi Brown OL – Penn State. Size and a nasty streak have Brown ahead of Joe Thomas on some boards. Thomas fills a needed spot for the depleted Dolphin line.

10. Houston Texans — Needs: RB, OL, S, DL
Adrian Peterson RB – Oklahoma
The Texans get another shot to secure a franchise running back. Peterson’s slide is a nice welcome gift for new coach Kubiak.

11. San Francisco 49ers — Needs: DL, LB, S, WR
Alan Branch DL – Michigan. The mighty Branch gives the 49ers defense a centerpiece to build around as they try to improve on one of the league’s worst defenses.

12. Buffalo Bills — Needs: DL, RB, OL, LB, CB, TE
Leon Hall CB – Michigan. The Bills have needs all over the field. They nab the draft’s top-rated corner to replace Nate Clements. The multiple holes they have to fill makes a trade down for additional picks their best move.

13. St. Louis Rams — Needs: DL, LB, CB, S, OL
Adam Carriker DE – Nebraska. Carriker made himself as much cash with his post-season performances as any other player. The Rams go for the best defensive player available in round one.

14. Carolina Panthers — Needs: TE, WR, OL, LB
Ted Ginn WR – Ohio State. The Panthers need to get Steve Smith some help on the outside. Ginn’s big play ability fits the bill.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers — Needs: CB, LB, OL, DL
Jarvis Moss DE/LB – Florida. Moss gets to try to fill the shoes of Joey Porter in the Steeler defense. Moss can handle duties as a 4-3 end if Pittsburgh goes that way. He can also line up at LB if they stay with the 3-4.

16. Green Bay Packers — Needs: RB, S, WR, DL, OL
Marshawn Lynch RB – Cal. Lynch gets at least one year behind Favre as the Pack tries to surround their aging QB with weapons for a final run.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars — Needs: WR, TE, OL, QB
Robert Meacham WR – Tennessee. The Jags will be on the horn early looking to move up. They would love to get in position to grab Calvin Johnson and finally solve their puzzle at WR.

18. Cincinnati Bengals — Needs: DL, LB, CB, S
Patrick WillisLB – Mississippi Willis is the best LB on the board and the Bengals need defensive playmakers in the worst way.

19. Tennessee Titans — Needs: WR, CB, S, DL, OL
Darrelle Revis CB – Pitt. Revis gets the call as the Titans have to spend the year without Pacman on the corner.

20. New York Giants — Needs: LB, CB, S, OL, RB
Michael GriffinS – Texas. Griffin gives the Giants a physical presence at safety. His speed should help the weak spots at corner as well.

21. Denver Broncos — Needs: DL, OL, WR, S
Anthony Spencer DE – Purdue. Denver absolutely has to get a pass rusher at DE. They can trade for every Pro-Bowl corner in the league, but it isn’t going to help without a pass rush.

22. Dallas Cowboys — Needs: CB, S, OL
Aaron Ross CB – Texas. The Cowboys take a Texas corner to help their biggest need.

23. Kansas City Chiefs — Needs: WR, OL, S, LB, QB
Dwayne Bowe WR – LSU. The Chiefs have needed big play ability at WR for quite a while.

24. New England Patriots — Needs: CB, S, OL, RB
Reggie Nelson S – Florida. The Pats have had a solid off-season and have few holes. Nelson gives them an option for the aging Rodney Harrison.

25. New York Jets — Needs: OL, DL, CB, TE, QB, WR
Joe Staley OL – Central Michigan. Staley’s athletic prowess has moved him into the first round. The Jets will further their push toward reacquiring a ground game. Staley and Fergusen on the ends and Mangold in the middle will anchor the line for the foreseeable future.

26. Philadelphia Eagles — Needs: CB, WR, S, RB
Sidney Rice WR – South Carolina. The Eagles need to replace the plays they got last year from Dante Stallworth. McNabb’s return will push them toward taking an offensive weapon.

27. New Orleans Saints — Needs: CB, S, LB, DL
Chris Houston CB – Arkansas . Corner was quite clearly the Saint’s biggest need position last year. Houston will step in and play right away.

28. New England Patriots — Needs: CB, S, OL, RB
Ryan Kalil OL – USC. The Pats are likely to deal with the leverage of two first-round picks. If they keep the pick, Kalil will give them master technician in front of Brady.

29. Baltimore Ravens — Needs: OL, WR, QB,
Ben Grubbs OL – Auburn. The Ravens need big bodies to open holes for their new franchise back, Willis McGahee.

30. San Diego Chargers — Needs: WR
No pick.  Now that the GM is free of Marty he is on vacation.  Since they aren’t playing “Marty Ball” they are confident they have enough talent to win.

31. Chicago Bears — Needs: DL, WR, LB.
Paul Pozluzny LB – Penn State. The Bears will take Pozluzny to remedy the expected hold out by Lance Briggs.

32. Indianapolis Colts — Needs: DL, LB, CB
Lawrence TimmonsLB – Florida State Timmons plays at a different speed than his workouts suggest. His upside will entice the Colts to try him in Cato June’s vacant LB spot.

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