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Transcript of  New York Jets first-round draft pick Darrelle Revis, the 14th overall selection in the 2007 NFL Draft, in a conference call with members of the Jets media on Saturday: Â

On his immediate reaction after being selected by the Jets …
First, I’d like to thank Mr. Johnson, Coach Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum for selecting me and believing in my abilities. My first reaction was, I just started crying. It was something I’ve dreamed about my whole life, and now it’s here.Â

On if he was surprised by the Jets trading up to select him …
I was surprised. I didn’t know what was going on. When I looked on the TV screen, I saw Carolina had the pick. Then I get a call from the Jets organization, and that is when they told me the news.Â

On learning from Ty Law …
Me and Ty talk all the time. Ty will be in the Hall of Fame in the near future. I look up to him. He played at the Jets, and I’m going to continue to talk to him even more just to get more insight into things like the NFL process so he can help me out. He’s taught me things from technique to just being a positive person off the field and doing good business on the field. I have a lot of good options on my hands right now.Â

On his meeting with the Jets …
I couldn’t get a feel for them. They brought me up there, and I knew they brought me up there for a reason because they were interested in me. When I came up for the visit, it was great. We had a great talk, me and Coach Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum. It was great. I appreciate them bringing me up there and letting me spend time with them and letting me get to know everybody in the organization.Â

On the excitement of playing in New York …
I have not experienced that yet. I have family from New York. They are big on supporting the Jets and the Giants, and I can’t really answer that question because I haven’t experienced playing in the Jets’ stadium.

On his family in New York …
Just cousins. First cousins, second cousins.Â

On his 40-yard dash time …
A lot of people said I ran a 4.5, and I never did. I never ran a 40. Basically, it motivated me to go out there and showcase my talents on my Pro Day.Â

On inaccurately publicized 40-yard dash times …
I never ran a 40 in my life until my Pro Day.Â

On his knowledge of the Jets’ organization and Coach Mangini’s style …
The only thing I know about the Jets is that Ty Law played there. I just know players’ names. I really haven’t gotten inside of the organization yet. I’m in there now, and I’ll be able to get more involved with the coaches and players.Â

On whether being a punt returner helped his draft stock …
Me being a punt returner, that is just something I felt I’d like to. It probably played a role in the decision of selecting me with a number of teams. I just love the ball in my hands and love to make plays and help the team out in whatever way I can. Returning punts, you can’t score every time. It’s about making sure you secure the ball and getting it back to the offense so they can go down and score. Now if you make a couple cuts and get some blockers, then you might be going 70 yards.Â

On whether he expects to start immediately …
My thing is to just come in there and learn the system. There is going to be competition, and I know there are already guys there. My job is to come in and learn the system and be focused on being a Jet, while building relationships around my teammates and coaches.Â

On whether he was upset that he wasn’t selected by the Steelers …
No, not me. Whatever team picks me, that is the best situation for me. The Steelers are a great team and there is nothing wrong with them. If I would have stayed home, I would have stayed home.

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