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Chansi Stuckey Interview Transcript

Courtesy NY Jets PR DepartmentÂ

On what his injury status is …
I’m fine now. I was a little concerned about my foot, but after I broke it I came back a week later and finished the season. I’m doing well now, so I’m not concerned about it.

On how close he is to Justin Miller and what he has told him …
I actually haven’t talked to Justin yet, but Justin and I came in together [to Clemson] on an official and unofficial visit. We were actually roommates freshman year, so we’re going to be pretty close.

On how he can help the Jets …
I think I can help, whether it’s at receiver in the flat, outside or on special teams, doing whatever the team needs me to do. I want to help them win. Any way I can help; I want to contribute to the team.Â

On what it was like sitting around waiting to be drafted …
It was a little bit of a whirlwind for me today. I didn’t think I was going to be drafted this late, but I guess there were some concerns about my foot. My 40 at the combine was maybe something that they shied away from. I just want to thank the Jets owners, the GM and Coach Mangini for taking a shot at me and taking a shot on me. It’s been a long day.

On if he has something to prove for being drafted so late …
I definitely want to prove that I can play and make the team. I want to go out and do the things that I’ve been doing and learn from the older veteran players. I think if I know my role on the team then I have a chance.Â

On where he thought he was going to be drafted …
I was hoping to be taken somewhere between the second to fourth round, somewhere in there. I don’t know how accurate that is, that’s what I have been told by various teams. I guess things just went a different way. But I’m just extremely happy with where I am and everything happens for a reason. I’m just looking forward to being a Jet.

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