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Camp Report: Mon 7/30

By Brian Clark

With a little bit of cloud cover and some breeze coming off the south shore, today was the most comfortable day of camp so far.

Kendall did not suit up. He had a small bandage on his right knee and was on the bike for most of the session. Yes, he had a boo-boo, and rode his tricycle.

During the warmups, I spent some time comparing our boy Pouha’s size to that of some of the other guys, since #27 and I were talking about it this morning. First of all, I doubt he is 325. Some guys who were very close to him in size were Bender (315), Wade Smith (318) and Mosley (314). But I still maintain that Pouha looks better than he did last year. His arms are bigger, his gut is smaller, and his shoulders are a little broader.

Sperm wanted to know if TJ’s legs looked as ripped as his arms do- his calves are solid- as big as Barnes, who weighs in at 240. His lower body is solid, though I wouldnt want his legs to be as taut as his arms are. Sean Ryan looks a little bulked up, too. Okay, enough about checking out body parts of players, LOL.

A lot of drills today, and it was also a day where new stuff was being put in on both sides of the ball. Obviously, they teach the stuff in the classroom, and then they get out on the field and walk it through. A lot of that going on today. They ran a play where CP throws it almost laterally to Brad Smith, but the play was for him to run with it. Clemens seems to find Stuckey open as his main guy on the second team.

They ran the one on one tackle drill again. The next time someone brings down Stuckey will be the first time. The ball carriers did pretty well today, and most managed to evade the tackler. The guy who seems to tackle his man most often: Mr. Barton. Collision of the day: Barnes and Costanzo. A major head on impact, but Barnes didnt go down. He was staggered, but kept his feet.

Almost all of the competitive work was on the grass field, closer to the parking lot. At one point I kinda got distracted when the Jets LB coach (I believe) came over and started talking to the guy next to me, who I believe is an assistant director of ops for an NFL team, possibly the Cowboys. They may have known I was eavesdropping, though i tried not to make it obvious (LOL) and I couldnt get any names of who they were talking about, but trust me, it was interesting…

In the 7 on 7s, Pouha got good penetration on a couple of plays, and what I saw is that he kept moving his legs and driving upfield. He was kinda quiet after that, but got plenty of work in.

I tried to watch the DL the most today, since that is the unit I usually watch the least for reasons I mentioned in a post yesterday. Bowens got in a lot of work, as did Hicks, Mosley, Ellis, Coleman and Haynes. I thought Haynes had a strong practice. Kimo gets virtually no reps, including in the 11 on 11. Either he is history, or they just are sparing him from the grueling tc stuff.

Tui doesnt get many reps, either. Compared to last year, when Ramsey, Clemens and Chad were all getting reps, I dont see Tui getting much of an opportunity to show much so far.

The OL did very well today against the DL. At one point I heard Tony Wise yell out “Stop fvcking around” and after that, they were pretty effin tight.
I should mention that the DL does not seem to be going as hard, which may explain that somewhat, and a good example would be how Haynes had a clear shot at Clemens during the two minute drill, and puilled up and allowed him to make the throw. Haynes could have killed KC, and it is good that he beat his man, and is also smart enough to not cream the guy in the red jersey. But the OL did well I thought, and towards the end, Wise yelled “good job!” so i think i am accurate with that.

Cotchery had a very strong practice, including making one acrobatic catch on the sideline, and another long one during the two minute drill that was called back for an illegal formation penalty. CP made aty least three nice long completions today, including the one that was called back. During the two miunute drill, they are runnig a play where CP hits Jones on a delay over the middle. That play seemed to be working today.

Jones ran well, on one play he turned the corner and ran upfield just when you thought there was nothing there.

Barrett had a good day, picking off Chad; then, on the next play Chad went back at him, and barrett came up with a pretty pass defended.

Smith handled some reps during the two minute drill, and as usual, he had difficulty finding his WRs and ended up tucking the ball and heading upfield.

Wallace Wright caught one on a crossing pattern and was decked hard by Rashad but held on to the ball.

They worked on the punt/punt return game, and Graham was booming them. Leon had a real nice return, and there were a bunch of guys catching the punts, including Stuckey, Miller, Chris Davis (who i dont think will survive the first cut) McCairens, Miller and Smith.

At one point there was a player skirmish, and players quickly jumped in, trying to break it up. The moving pile looked like one of theose rugby things. When it was over, it looked to me that Hobson and Baker were in the middle of it.

The DBs had good coverage today, and I think they and the OL did the best of all the units.

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