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Camp Report: Saturday 08/04

By JetCane 

After giving the troops the day off yesterday, the Jets were back on the field in shorts and shells today. Unlike last season where training camp went full throttle every day, there seems to be a better pace to the sessions this year, and the CS has a better idea of how to work the team so there is an ebb and flow to the camp. That should reduce the player grumbling (which I think it has) and perhaps some of the variation in intensity is due to the input of their new strength and conditioning coach.

A former Jet was on the premises today signing autographs for a long line of fans: #99.  They gave out nice insulated bags (lunch box size) to the fans with the Jets logo on it.  With shorts and shells it was a low contact practice, as they seemed to want to gradually get the players’ mojo working again after the day off. The team had good energy for such a hot day, and the humidity was a factor today, too.

They first practiced some FGs and punts/punt returns. Miller dropped a punt and took a lap. Though I haven’t mentioned it until now, this was not the first punt he has dropped in training camp.

Then they did an extended drill where Chad and 4 receivers went against Vilma and four DBs. They shuffled the WRs and Dbs in and out. Pennington looked very sharp in this drill, and had an extremely high completion rate. Poteat had to take a lap, probably for blowing a coverage assignment. Wallace Wright took a lap for either blowing a route or not finishing running it.  Chad’s touch on the EZ fade was terrific. On one such play, Coles hauled in the pass for a TD plus the DB was flagged for PI (maybe that was Poteat and explains why he had to do a lap) Coles was shaken up on the play, but shook it off. He’s tough.

When the second team went at it, there was a noticeable drop off in productivity. Clemens is doing too much of what Ramsey tried to do in training camp last year, which is to change the play at the LOS way too often in my opinion. I hated when Ramsey did it, and it is a waste of time to check off so often during these drills. I understand once in a while, but not every other play. it didn’t help Ramsey last year, either, and it’s not like Clemens is all of a sudden calling a play that breaks the D. Whatever, it may just be me, but it doesn’t seem to be helping Clemens.

Then they went 11 on 11, and Chad continued to look sharp. Only towards the end of the practice did a couple of his throws miss the mark, and it was probably due to some fatigue, because it was damn hot out there.

When the second team O took the field in 11 on 11s, they scored a TD on the strength of a long sideline completion to McCairens  which put them in the red zone. The ball was just thrown out there by Clemens, and Drew Coleman had Justin completely covered, but 81 went up high over him and made a beautiful acrobatic catch.

On the next play, Clemens flawlessly executed the play action and found Pociask all alone in the middle of the EZ for the TD.  Then the first team Offense took the field and also moved the ball well and scored a TD on a CP pass to Chris Baker, which was a beautiful pass and run for TD.

After the TD there was a kickoff, and it was on this play that Eric Smith was injured. I did not see what happened. He was helped off the field with his arms slung over the shoulders of two trainers. He did put some weight on each leg, though gingerly.

On the second go round of 11s, the defense tightened and forced the second team to punt. On the final 11, the first team did not move the ball, and for whatever reason there seemed to be a lot of confusion on the field, possibly between Chad and the ref. CP ended up taking a delay penalty, and on the final play, he handed off to TJ, who ran it up field and lateraled to a WR. The play became a mini version of the Stanford marching band play, though it did not end up gaining much yardage.

A few of random observations:

Chad’s footwork is really smooth, and Tui likes to roll out to his right.
Wallace Wright’s stock seems to be high and holding steady for now.
It’s a gimme that the first play will be a handoff to TJ.
Dyson continues to run with the second unit, with Miller and Barrett get reps with the first team for now.
CB Rayshaun Kizer seems to be the last DB in the rotation due to Revis not being there.
Poteat has been going in as the nickel, and Jamie Thompson as the dime.
Schlegel got some reps today as the ILB with the second unit.
At one point, Tony Wise was FUMING at Brick, and went in for a play playing DE against him (no contact 
Clemens found Sean Ryan open a couple of times for completions.
Rashad had a really nice pass defended in the EZ. i think he is having a good camp so far.
Frisby got some reps with the first team today.
Brad Smith had a fairly quiet practice, and took one one or two reps at QB.
Wallace had at least three nice catches today. He’s been getting open.
Juan Wong was there!

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