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Camp Report: Wednesday 08/08

By JetCane 

Eric Smith and Justin Miller did not practice.  The team was in shorts and shells, and practiced under the lights on the field in front of the bleachers.  Practice ran until about 8:45, and there was no hitting going on, other than some individual unit drills off to the side on the other field.

They practiced Kickoffs and punt/punt returns. Westhoff was on fire again, and got in Harris’ face again, though not as severely as he did the other day.  Most of Nuge’s kicks made it to the 5 or goal line, though one was pretty short. Graham surprised everyone when he shanked one, but otherwise he kicked well tonight again.

There was a run-through of plays by the first and second team offense that looked like the plays they will run Friday, and I am not going to describe them in great detail.

The routine changed somewhat tonight, as some players donned green jerseys with gold numbers or white jerseys with red numbers, signifying their scout team responsibilities. It looks like they are anticipating Atlanta running pitch out plays to the RBs, and also some wide open passing offense that Petrino’s L’ville teams showed when he coached in the college ranks.

Tui QB’d the scout team, and Danny Ware looked very good running on the scout team.

It was not an intense practice compared to a few others I have seen, but it looked like a lot was accomplished to get the team ready for Friday.
Random notes

-Rookie DB James Ihedigbo (44) had two picks tonight.

-Dyson had a pick vs. Chad in the 11s, and his coverage against Cotch looked better than it has. Maybe he is getting healthier.

-TJ continues to look good, and seems to be hitting the hole without any of the dancing that he has been known to do.

-Leon looks awesome. Quick, fast, sure handed on the punts and KOs too.

-Stuckey had a good practice and made a couple of really nice receptions. He beat Manny Collins for one that went for a long TD.

-Dominic Moran (59) getting some extensive reps at right guard on the second unit tonight.

-Collins, wearing 35, saw a lot of action tonight, on ST and as a CB.

-The first team ran some goal line offense against the first team D, which showed a stacked front that included both D-Rob and Pouha at DTs, side by side. Thumper FB Darian Barnes showed that he can hit the hole quickly and powerfully on short yardage runs.

-Alvin Banks continues to run impressively in my opinion.

-A lot of guys were being rotated in and out, and with the scout jerseys it was harder to keep track of who was doing what. But everyone was kept on their toes by the CS, in spite of there being no real hitting going on out there.

Greengal was there!  Juan Wong was there, too!  Discuss this here!

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