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Camp Report: Monday 08/13 PM

By JetCane

Tonight’s practice was under the lights in front of the bleachers. Although they were in shorts and pads, there was a moderate amount of contact on the LOS for it not being a full pad workout.

The inactive/bike area population increased with the addition of Jones and D.Coleman. TJ did not have his leg wrapped at all; Tutt did have his ankle braced. Justin Miller participated in some of the stretching/ warmups, in the coaches lane. Watching Tony Wise going through the stretching/ Rockette line with Miller was somewhat, how can I put this…fun to watch?

Miller looks to me as though he is getting pretty close to returning. Eric Smith does not. Drew Coleman does not appear to be seriously injured and also appears close to returning to action. His knee was wrapped in a green bandage. I could not get a read on Kowaleski’s status.

Tonight’s show was more crisp than yesterday’s was, and a lot of time was spent on individual unit drills. The DL was beating up on the tackling dummies, and the offense was working on red zone offense. The Dbs were working with themselves on running downfield with their backs to the QB and practicing knocking the ball out of the WRs hands as it came down.

More work was put in on the punting team. They had Graham kicking out of the end zone and from deep in his own territory. Harris was back getting reps on the LOS as a blocker. Leon muffed a punt and took a lap.  Coach Westhoff had a few wrinkles he put into the punt game tonight. I’d tell you, but then I’d have to….oh all right…here’s a hint: Brad Smith.

There was a lot of 7 on 7 work on red zone passing offense/defense.  Later on they went 11 on 11 doing the same red zone offense/defense.

In between, they called the field goal team out, and on the first snap…another Westhoff wrinkle. This is confidential stuff, but I trust you, so I will mention here that Graham threw a pass that was completed for a first down, and Westhoff showed his satisfaction with the execution of the play in a very animated way!

They then proceeded to run 11 on 11s for a good amount of time. First team and then second. Back and forth. Smith took no snaps at QB but had perhaps his strongest practice as a WR.

The offense did well moving the ball tonight, as both Pennington and Clemens looked sharper than they did yesterday. 
Then they ran a situation 11 on 11, where the offense started on its own 30, with 35 seconds left, no time outs, and down 24-20, and then more reps down 24-23. Both QBs were able to move the team into FG range and Nugent hit 3-4 as time ran out. The last FG I saw was good through the skinny goalposts from well over 50+.
Random Notes

-Clemens’ pump fake allowed Wallace Wright to get behind Kozer and the 45 yard pass was completed for a TD.

-Wright had a big night, catching several balls, including a TD in the red zone scrimmage.

-Brad Smith had a major night, playing WR on all three units and catching balls from all three QBs.

-Coles was rested a bit tonight, and didn’t see much run with the first team until the last two drives.

-Ware continued to get reps with the first and second units. I thought Leon was overworked yesterday after TJ’s injury, but they paced him better tonight. He looked a little tired I thought.

-Hollings was splitting reps with Banks on the second unit. Banks looked good coming out of the backfield and grabbing a catch in full stride.

-44 continues to see the field in Eric Smith’s absence.

-35 also seeing the field a lot with Miller on the sideline.

-Harris and Spencer got a lot of reps with the second unit in the dime- a 3-2-6.

-Cotchery had a nice catch on a long pass from CP, but he also seemed to be rested a bit tonight as well, as McCairens, Smith and Wright took a lot of snaps at WR. Stuckey seemed to have a quiet night.

-The OL shuffle rotation continues. First unit seems set with Brick, Clark, Mangold, Moore (who took a lap for a false start) and Clement.

-Kendall split snapping the ball with Missant on the second unit. Most of the time it Jones at LT, Missant at G, Kendall at C, Bender at LG, and Goddard, who got a lot of reps at RT.

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-Interesting moment, when Mangold broke through Kendall’s solitude and walked over to him while the third team was on the field. Moore also came over, and with a smile on his face, engaged Kendall in some conversation.


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