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Dear Pete Kendall

In today’s Bergen Record J.P. Pelzman wrote:

Meanwhile, Kendall revealed Sunday that he got several cortisone injections during the 2004 season so that he could play despite a broken toe. He said in June that he had taken three injections so that he could play through a back injury against Carolina in 2005. He indicated that he likely wouldn’t do something like that again to play through a serious injury.

Pete — I tip my cap to you. Wow. What you do in order to make millions of dollars is truly amazing. A broken toe? That is brave. You ran the risk of spraining the toe next to it. Could you imagine having to walk around for weeks with a broken toe and a sprained toe? You would have needed a motor scooter to survive.

Three injections to help with a cranky back? That pretty much defines courage to me. I played in a baseball league a few years ago. The pitcher on our team was in his late 30’s. He would get an injection each week just to pitch the following week. His arm was completely useless on Monday after pitching Sunday.

But Pete — this doesn’t compare to what you do. Because we were just playing a game for fun. You were being brave for money. I salute you for that. I had a really bad sore throat last week. I went into the office. My coworkers were all high-fiving me and saying that I was the man. We got our monthly #s in one time because I didn’t miss any time. A sick day was in order but I played with the pain. This is nothing in comparison to what you have done, I realize this now.

I really thank you for being fearless.

Pete, seriously man whoever is doing your P.R. these days needs to go. I think the entire premise of your beef has some merit. But how you have gone about handling it has been terrible. Just terrible. You need to get advice from somebody else. The current plan of attack is not working.


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