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It's Not Easy Being Green

By Tyson Rauch

In 2006 the New York Jets surprised many in the football world with a 10-6 record and a playoff berth. The Jets had hired a new coaching staff and were considered to be in the rebuilding process while implementing new offensive and defensive systems. Well with innovative coaching, a weak schedule and some lucky breaks Gang Green overachieved in the eyes of many NFL experts as well as their fans. Well in 2007 the rebuilding process continues and unfortunately for the Jets they will not experience the same success.

Going into this season the New York Jets face the 7th toughest schedule in the NFL. With this daunting task at hand the Jets are still in process of acquiring the personnel needed to fit their systems, which leaves them weak at some very vital areas. In 2006 the Jets struggled to run the ball due to a restructuring of their offensive line and this will continue to be the case in 2007. In ‘06 Gang Green struggled to defend the running game due to personnel not suited for the scheme being implemented and this will repeat itself this year. If a team cannot stop the running game or establish one of their own, they will not be successful regardless of how innovative a coaching staff is.

Many times the rebuilding of an organization takes three years to implement.  Learning new schemes and acquiring the talent to make them run efficiently, is not accomplished overnight. Often in year two, teams take a step backward, in order to take a step forward in the third year. This appears to be the case with the New York Jets. The only way to avoid the “sophomore blues� of a rebuilding structure is to bring in or keep veteran guys.  In most cases, this is a short term answer.  Other than the signing of Thomas Jones, the Jets front office at this point has decided to not do that and focus more on the long term development of the franchise. So going into 2007 the Jets and their fans need to keep things in perspective and keep their expectations realistic, Gang Green is a 7-9 team at best.

Parting Shots:
1) The vultures are circling once again for Chad Pennington’s head and the fact he is facing 2 very tough defenses in the Ravens and Pats this will not help. If the Jets offensive line woes continue it will not matter who is back there and hopefully the fans keep that in mind.
2) So the Jets kept 5 tight ends and 2 fullbacks and they are not worried about blocking issues?
3) Was it me or did Danny Ware look like he had something to offer to this team? The Jets are fortunate that they got him on their practice squad.
4) If the Jets start out 1-4 is Eric Mangini still Mangenious?

For all of you with parking passes, get there early on Sunday as you know it is going to be chaos as usual. Don’t arrive there at 11:30 and bitch about where your spot is or how long it took you to get settled in. You’ve been warned.

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