Nick Ferraro Power Rankings Top Ten

By Nick Ferraro

1.  New England Patriots  
Four games – four blowouts.  They have a lay-up this week with the Brownies coming to town, but they will finally get tested in week six at Dallas.

2.  Indianapolis Colts
Losing Marvin Harrison might be the only thing that can slow down this offense.  Denver was again just a speed bump on their schedule.

3.  Dallas Cowboys
Through four weeks there is little debate as to who is the best team in the NFC.  They have a Monday night game in Buffalo before hosting the Pats in what will be billed as a possible Super Bowl preview.

4.  Green Bay Packers
The Packers have set themselves up with a three-game lead over Chicago.  Detroit shouldn’t challenge, so there is no excuse for not winning the division.  They need to find ways to run the ball against good defenses.

5.  Tennessee Titans
The front office in Tennessee deserves a lot of credit for the way they have rebuilt this team.  The resurgence of the Titans is big part of why the AFC South is the league’s best division.

6.  Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers were outgained on the ground in Phoenix.  That rarely happens, but when it does, they need better play from Ben and the passing attack.  Roethlisberger was average at best on Sunday.

7.  Jacksonville Jaguars
If the Jags can take care of the Chiefs and Texans over the next two weeks, they will get a shot at the Colts in their house with a share of first place on the line.

8.  Seattle Seahawks
Although the Niner’s offense is struggling, allowing just three points in a road game is a big deal for Seattle.  Duplicating that effort this week in Pittsburgh would be very impressive.

9.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The road win in Carolina is huge for the Bucs.  Garcia continues to prove that he can play and win in this league.  The defense has allowed just 24 points in their last three games.  They will be tested on Sunday in Indianapolis.

10.  Detroit Lions
I can’t believe I’m typing this.  The Lions have made the top ten.  I tried, but I couldn’t find anyone else who deserved it more.  The NFL has definitely achieved the parity it was hoping for.
From The Bottom

26. Atlanta Falcons
A big win moves the Falcons up a few spots but not out of the unholy five. 

27. Minnesota Vikings
If the defense left the field, it would take the Vikings two plays to score.  Watching this offense is torture.  It’s a shame because the defense is outstanding.

28.  New Orleans Saints
It’s hard to believe the Saints have made it from the top ten to the bottom ten after three games.  I don’t think they will stay here, but giving up almost three times as many points as you’ve scored gets you an honorary spot in the bottom of the league.

29.  Miami Dolphins
When the Raiders come to town and beat you, you’re bad.

30. St Louis Rams
The Rams got a special team score to account for their only points on Sunday.  Injuries have destroyed this team, but it shouldn’t be quite this bad for the once prolific offense.  As of week four, the Rams are on the clock.

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