Nick Ferraro Power Rankings Top Ten

By Nick Ferraro

1. New England Patriots
We finally get to see the Pats go up against a varsity team this Sunday. Nice touch by Team Class throwing the ball in the end zone up double digits with under two minutes left against the Brownies.

2. Indianapolis Colts
Half the team was hurt, so they only won by 19. It’s a Colts-Patriots world; we just live in it.

3. Dallas Cowboys
You’re not supposed to win road games when you throw five picks. Then again, it was the Bills who were at home. Okay Dallas, let’s see what you got. Cowboys meet the Patriots. Patriots meet the Cowboys.

4. Tennessee Titans
I didn’t think this team would see the top ten, much less the top five. They don’t measure up on the style chart, but the results are all that matters.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers
Seattle had nothing even close to an offensive drive on Sunday. If they can find a few big plays each game, the Steelers can beat anyone.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jags held LJ to twelve yards in his own house. This defense is filthy.

7. Green Bay Packers
Sunday night’s game falls into the category of finding-ways-to-lose for the Pack. This game may hurt later on as they had their shot to pull the plug on the Bears.

8. Washington Redskins
The Skins make their first appearance in the top ten in several years. We are taking applications for any clubs that would like to be considered. The defense is for real with just 52 points allowed though four games.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
You can’t drop the Bucs too far for losing in Indy. They are still solid especially for the NFC.

10. San Diego Chargers
This is the latest in the year that a losing team has ever made the list. The Bolts will come around, and they will likely climb slowly back to the top of this group.

From The Bottom

28. New York Jets
The beloved Jets displace the Falcons who showed some signs of life. The Jets just show warning signs… like the one flashing for Coach Stubborn to pull “Pop-Gunâ€? Pennington over to the sideline. He simply can’t make the throws that a professional needs to make. That is, unless you count the ones to the Giant’s corners.

29. Minnesota Vikings
It’s hard to tell when the Vikings are on a bye since the scoreboard moves about as much as during any other week.

30. New Orleans Saints
What happened here during the offseason? This has to be rock bottom for Brees and company.

31. Miami Dolphins
I hope for his sake that Trent Green has the smarts to step away from the game and from a solid yet underrated career.

32. St Louis Rams
It’s got to be hard to watch Kurt Warner at 63 years old come back to beat you in your house. The Rams are on the clock.

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