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By Nick Ferraro

1.  New England Patriots
The Pats are moving through their schedule with frightening ease.  It does help that the rest of the AFC East is 3-17.  Two weeks until they visit the Colts, and the second half schedule is much tougher.  That being said, there’s a good chance the playoffs will run through New England again.

2.  Indianapolis Colts
The Colts made some people believers last night in Jacksonville.  The Jags had been impressive, and it was thought their smash-mouth style would give the Colts fits.  Today the Colts are 6-0, and the Jags have a lot of work to do.

3.  Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys have their flaws, but they have to be respected.  They play all three NFC East rivals in the next three weeks.  They have a chance to separate themselves in the league and in the conference.  I say after the next three weeks the NFC East is a dogfight.

4.  New York Giants
Isn’t this supposed to be the bad NY team?  The Giants are rolling.  The pass rush is ridiculous.  Burress comes to work on Sundays and dominates.  Who needs practice?

5.  Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers get a pass for Sunday night to a certain extent.  Denver was home and desperate to save their season.  That being said, there is a noticeable drop off between the Steel Men and the two AFC teams above them on this list.

6.  San Diego Chargers
Maybe the early season was just a case of needing to adjust to the new coaching staff.  The Chargers will make some noise in the second half.

7.  Green Bay Packers
Low ranking for a one-loss team?  Maybe.  I still feel like the Pack is doing things with mirrors.  Win on Monday night in Denver.  That will help convince me.

8.  Jacksonville Jaguars
Once again the Jags are good but not great.  Is that going to be good enough for Del Rio to stay as coach?

9.  Carolina Panthers
The Panthers are 4-2 and haven’t had much from the QB position.  They get a chance to prove themselves at home against the Colts Sunday.  My bet is they don’t make the week eight top ten.

10. Tennessee Titans
The Titans find ugly ways to win even if it means kicking eight field goals.  They aren’t going to do much this season, but one more draft and a couple free agents will make them very interesting next year.

Bottom Five

28. San Francisco 49ers
Welcome to the bottom Five, Niners.  When the opponent’s defense has more scoring potential than your offense, things are bad.

29. Atlanta Falcons
Hello Leftwich…goodbye Leftwich.  What a shock – Byron can’t stay healthy. 

30. New York Jets
There’s a warm seat available on the bench whenever Mangenius is ready to pull the plug on Pop-gun Pennington.  It’s rebuilding time, Coach.  Everyone seems to know except you.  P.S.  Herm’s team is 4-3 and in first place with Damon Huard playing QB…ouch.

31. Miami Dolphins
The Fins got beat again and lost their best player for the season.  At least the weather is nice in Miami.

32. St. Louis Rams
Wow, is this team bad.  There seems to be enough talent on offense to get something done.  The Rams are on the clock.

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