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Kellen Clemens Time

By Tyson Rauch

Another week and one more loss for the New York Jets. There is a light at the end of the tunnel Jets fans. With the handing over of the quarterback duties to Kellen Clemens the Jets and their franchise are heading in a new direction. This quarterback change will allow the coaching staff to be more aggressive in terms of play calling and innovative with their offensive schemes.

This new signal caller shows poise in the pocket, calm under fire and the ability to stretch the field. This will keep defenses on their toes. Sure there will be growing pains as with every young quarterback but the positives far outweigh the negatives with this personnel change.

As this “new” offense line develops, the defense will follow right behind it. The level of aggressiveness can be turned up as the schemes can be more attacking knowing that the offense will be capable of moving the ball and putting points on the board. Not that the former quarterback could not accomplish this, but Kellen Clemens does have the ability to push the ball down the field. In the past it would require several plays to do so.

Also while getting Kellen Clemens accustomed to the speed of the NFL the Jets are also giving extensive playing time to their young defensive players like David Harris which will prove very valuable for 2008. There is no better way to learn in the NFL than grinding it out on the field and the learning curve will be reduced heading into the following season. Sure it is tough to watch the team continue to struggle and lose games but now there is a benefit to these struggles. The New York Jets will be able to truly evaluate what they have, giving the younger players a chance to learn and make plays. At the end of this season with the substantial game tape on each player smart personnel decisions can be made and the roster upgraded in the weak areas. So hang in there Jets fans, that is a light at the end of the tunnel, not a train as was previously feared.

Parting Shots:
• A major hats off to the members of my tailgate party who once again showed their undying support for Gang Green during tough times. These guys are vocal as ever with their Jets chants and stick with their team to the end. Ted, Kevin and Kenny you guys rock and your energy is contagious. Also props to the De-Jet-erates for another amazing spread of food and beverages.
ATTENTION SEASON TICKET HOLDERS! Before you sell your tickets to the Steelers game lets not forget it is Curtis Martin day. This guy deserves the best from Jets fans so if you cannot make it do your best to get your ticket to another Jets fan. Hopefully the Jets have a classy ceremony for the future Hall of Famer.
• Does every kids organization in NJ walk the parking lots of the stadium asking for donations? I am all for supporting the youth of America but at some point enough is enough.

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