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Ray Of Sunshine

oie_fl1.JPGBy Tyson Rauch

Over the past three months Jets fans have been taking a beating from both the national and local media. It started with the debatable cheering of Chad Pennington’s injury, to selling their tickets to opposing fans to rowdy drunken behavior at Gate D in the Meadowlands.

Well this past Sunday I was fortunate enough to experience the other side of Jets fans that got next to no publicity. In a game that meant next to nothing to the majority of the NFL, Jets fans headed south in large numbers to Dolphin Stadium. Thousands of green and white jerseys could be seen throughout the parking lot and stadium and the infamous “J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS” chant heard throughout the ballgame.

As the lead grew larger, the volume became louder and an argument could be made that Gang Green started to feed off the energy of the fans. The festive fans in attendance were not there to dwell on the season that could have been but out to support the team they remain loyal to. And as the game came to a close many of the Jets players ran over to some of the heavily populated areas to show their signs of appreciation. It was a pretty rewarding experience in a season that at this point has not had many highlights, and for you fans that were there I thank you for showing up in full force.

Parting Shots
• It is great to see Kerry Rhodes get some of his mojo back on defense, at what point do the Jets get working on his new contract?
• It is amazing the impact that David Harris has made since taking over the starting job, does anyone else wonder if this season would at all be different if he did it sooner?
• Another tough game for Ben Graham, if he is not hurting in some form the Jets may need to re-evaluate his status on the team.
• For all of the talent Brad Smith has here is hoping he becomes best friends with the jugs ball machine this summer as his hands are starting to become concerning. Maybe less reps at quarterback and more route running and catching drills.
• If I never see the Titans uniforms again it is too soon.

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