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Flight Crew Girl Of The Year

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JetNation.com would like to thank the entire flight crew for their efforts this season. Starting with the original group of 45 girls who tried out down to the final crew of 10. They all gave 100%. Fireman Ed was not at the stadium this year and the Jets played lousy. So on game day the job of keeping the crowd awake belonged to the Flight Crew (and some NY Cowgirl in a pink Jets jersey). These girls were there every Sunday trying to get the crowd pumped.

So we are going to have a contest to anoint the Flight Crew Girl Of The Year. This is a very prestigious award, so girls please remember; only one of you can win it. Before we talk about the Contest let’s start off by thanking Denise Garvey. Denise, who has a very impressive resume, coordinates the crew. She is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (2000) and she also danced with the NJ Nets. After her year in Dallas she wanted to return home so she became a Knicks City Dancer (2001 – 2005).

After 2005, she suddenly retired from dancing. She was at the top of her game and the Knicks wanted her back. Her decision to step down clearly wasn’t financially motivated as the Knicks were prepared to make her their franchise dancer. As you all know that move would have guaranteed that Denise would have been paid the average salary of the top 5 dancers in the NBA. Factor in what the Laker girls make and it would have been a nice salary. Yet Denise walked away from her passion and the rumor mill started churning.

Late in the 2005 season a rookie dancer on the squad ‘accidentally’ knocked Denise over during the middle of a halftime routine. Denise was in pain but she got up on her own. She finished the routine but her movements were limited. There was only 3 weeks left in the season and Denise finished it up. But the speculation continued, did she dance with a torn A.C.L.? Would the Knicks knowingly jeopardize the career of their top dancer and let her battle through such a serious injury?

Coach Mangini offered this reply when asked about Denise’s injury status, “Denise coordinates the efforts of the flight crew and her injury status is an internal matter and will be treated accordingly”. When pressed further he would not disclose if it was her left knee or her right knee.

The Knicks loss was the Jets gain. Denise Garvey picked a stellar crew this year. All flight crewmembers were put through a rigorous three-part interview. The candidates were graded on a dance routine, the flag run and an interview. Denise — we here at JetNation.com thank you for your efforts.

Now on to the contest…the members of JetNation.com will pick the Flight Crew Girl of the year. Voting factors should include but not be limited to durability, endurance, flexibility, football knowledge and sportsmanship. Also the girls get extra credit for being super bendy.

Anyhow, our panel of experts has chosen four finalists. To the other six girls we do thank you. The private videos you sent to us made this decision very tough. We wish you better luck next year.

She has been a dancer from the age of 2. Laura is a Wantagh native and excelled in all aspects of the interview. Denise Garvey was Laura’s kick line coach in High School. Laura was the captain of that squad her senior year. Great practice player, practices as hard during the week as she plays on game day.

She really keeps the other girls focused but what really made her stand out was the “Bringing Sexy Back” performance against the Steelers. One of our judges commented that he never realize that sexy had been missing, until Laura brought it back.

She was selected by Denise Garvey to represent the Flight Crew at the Pro Bowl this year. Sadly she will be the Jets lone reprenstative at the game! (Damn I wrote that before it was actually true. It was a joke when I wrote it, now it just serves as a cold reminder to another lost season).

Linda’s stock rose during the ‘Sleigh Ride’ performance during the Browns game.

When the football players from the other team stop to check you out, you know you are doing something right.

Member of the 2006 flag crew. Her parents have been to every game this year. Meredith’s resume includes working with the Islanders and the Dragons at Nassau Coliseum.

She is the veteran of the group and her service has been most valuable to the rookie girls. Meredith gives her time to make the team better.

Early in the year she noticed that the rookie crewmembers had poor technique on the flag routines. By suggesting minor group and posture changes, Meredith helped prevent possible injury to her crewmates.

A Rutgers University graduate with a major in dance, she brings NJ attitude to the stadium on game days. Mandisa started off slow. She was openly second guessed earlier this season. To her credit she worked hard, often times staying late after practice. Many nights it was just Chad Pennington and Mandisa at the facility both watching game film and trying to improve. Mandisa has really improved in the category of “jazz hand finish”. She is quickly gaining recognition around the league as one of the up and comers in this category.

Alright JetNation, let the voting begin. (All votes will be private in accordance with HIPAA regulations).

Pictures provided courtesy of JetBlue Airlines and the NY Jets. If you haven’t already figured it out you can click HERE to vote.

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