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Nightmare Matchup

By Tyson Rauch

Just when you thought the 2007-2008 NFL season could not get any worse for the New York Jets, the football Gods once again kick gang green in the pants. You would think the football powers that be would be satisfied punishing the Jets faithful with the Pete Kendall fiasco, the repeated 2nd half collapses, the media storm about Gate D and the final 4-12 record.  As history dictates itself, it is never enough when it comes to the misery that is being a Jets fan.

Two of the New York Jets biggest rivals are the Giants and the Patriots…so it makes sense that they are both in the Super Bowl this year? ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Bad enough the Jets share a stadium with Big Blue but once again get to hear the quotes from the Giant fans like “there is only one team in NY”, “maybe some day you can grow up to be a franchise like us”, or “want to come to my Super Bowl party, it is being held in Arizona.”

Pure torture but that is not the end of it. The Giants opponent is the Jets fiercest division rival the New England Patriots. Yes the team Gang Green “ratted” out in Spygate. Yes the team that is coached by a man that resigned from the Jets after pondering his decision while running on the team’s treadmill. The team who found their superstar quarterback after the Jet’s Mo Lewis knocked their starter Drew Bledsoe into Maine.


To put the final nail in the coffin the local media will come up with dribble on how the Jets can learn from the Pats and Giants, the could haves and should haves, and the take the time to highlight the Gang Green failures over the years. I am not sure what Jets fans did to deserve this but whatever it is, I sure hope it was worth it. I for one do not think my liver or sanity can take any more. The only thing worse that could happen going forward would be the Jets would build a new stadium and remain co-tenants with the Giants……..

To look at the bright side of things, at least season ticket invoices are coming out in a couple of weeks.

Parting Shots

  • How many other AFC alternate safeties will be named to the Pro Bowl before Kerry Rhodes? I understand the popularity contest but enough already.
  • The Jets coaching staff carousel continues and it will be interesting to see who the scape goats are. Lets not be scared to look at yourselves Tangini as you were far from perfect this year.
  • If Chad Pennington is a member of the New York Jets next year I will predict he will once again be the starter. The question is, is that a good or bad sign for Kellen Clemens?

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