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Happy Birthday JetNation

On Monday, JetNation will be celebrating its 3rd Birthday. Pretty exciting, I know. Who knew that 7th grade humor had this much staying power? I won’t get all preachy and talk about how great this site is and how much it has grown. Nobody wants to be bored with tales of increasing membership, hit counts and page views. You would be lured to sleep if I mentioned that the site was going to surpass 1,000,000 posts this year.

Instead I just want to say thank you. Thank you to the great posters of JetNation. We have very passionate and knowledgeable fans here. I learn something new each day. Occasionally it is even sports related. The posters are the backbone of this site, without you, there is no JetNation.

Thank you to the Moderators for doing what I have always felt is a thankless job. It is a good group of guys that we have running this site and I appreciate the hours they put in here keeping things in order. We make plenty of “locker room” type of jokes about these guys. You should know that only 90% of that stuff is true. Despite what you have read about them, the only thing they truly have in common is a great sense of humor.

Also, thanks to the Writers for providing us editorials, game recaps and analysis each week. They love the game, they love the Jets and I am sure they could think of better things to do with their time during a 4 and 12 season. Regardless they are here week in and week out, helping make this site better with their efforts.

Finally, thanks for all the other “behind the scenes” help we get. Lots of technical help goes into keeping this place up and running. That is because we have lots of volunteers that have really taken this site to the next level. Here is to another great year at JetNation, hopefully one with better results on the field for our NY Jets. Feel free to stop by our forums and wish JetNation a Happy Birthday!

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