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Catching Up With The DeJetErates

duane.jpgWe all know the DeJeterate Crew from Classic Harley. They are a rugged bunch of manly men. Their tailgate starts at midnight, when even the biggest diehard fan is still fast asleep. They tell tales of their glory days which consist primarily of late nights at the local taverns and plenty of fighting. This is not your ordinary group of bikers because they are charming. They win you over with their hospitality and gentle nature.

We took the ride out to Reading Pa this week to catch up with the gang and see what they were up to.  What we found was nothing short of horrific. I am a firm believer in not stereotyping a group of people. A group of men shall not be labeled because of their weakest link. Duane’s recent actions though are concerning to say the least. Duane refers to himself as the “Pillar of the community”. Recent allegations have surfaced which make us wonder exactly what kind of community he is referring to.

Duane was an hour and a half late for our interview. His manscaping appointment ran late was the excuse we were given. When Duane pulled up in this car we were so terrified that we canceled the interview. To the rest of the DeJeterate Crew, we hope you are doing well. Your fearless leader Duane though has apparently gotten in touch with his feminine side.

It is never fun watching one of the greats fall. Larry Holmes never should have fought Mike Tyson. Ali fought a few times too many himself. Duane should have hung up the BBQ Apron the second he felt the urge to purchase the “Barbie Car”.

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