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Vote For Danielle

danielle.jpgThe Jets are offering their fans the opportunity to vote for the next Flight Crew Member. You can read the press release here. The Jets know that JetNation.com is the ultimate authority on all things Flight Crew related. We voted for Laura as Flight Crew Girl of the Year and the Jets were pleased with our selection. So they have asked us to help them with the vote. They want to make sure that the right girl gets added to the squad.

We met with Denise Garvey and asked her perspective. We were able to share with Denise some of the limitations of the 2007 squad. She assures us she will work towards correcting the issues we outlined (no jazz hand finishes after Thanksgiving, etc). We then spent countless hours researching the three candidates. We have done background checks on all three girls. All three girls are talented but this is the NFL and only the best of the best are selected.

Due to the confidentiality agreements that we signed, we can’t get into specifics. Without naming names, let’s just say that one girl was ruled out because she isn’t a football fan and her dancing style was better suited for a pole. Another girl was ruled out for what we can only refer to as having a “potty mouth”. We just didn’t feel it was conducive to the NFL target audience.

The girl that deserves to be added to the Flight Crew is Danielle. Why?

  • She is a life long Jets fan
  • Her dance routine is clearly superior
  • She studied dance at Julliard
  • She knows football. In her interview she told us that she was very happy with the direction the organization was headed in. She commented that the 3-4 Defense will flourish this season now that they have the proper players (she thinks the Kris Jenkins move will turn out to be the key to turning it all around).
  • Danielle is also a Harley girl at heart.

Vote for Danielle. Tell them JetNation sent you. You can discuss the competition here.

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