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PSLs And You ~ Perfect Together

The NY Jets are really embracing New Jersey.  Not only are they moving their practice facilities to the Garden State, they are thinking about taking the state motto as well.  The Jets will stop at nothing to try and convince the world that PSLs (Personal Seat Licenses) are a good thing.  The Jets have a whole section of their site devoted to the new stadium.  Randy Lange has written about how incredible the experience will be.  Yet, they won’t tell us their dirty little secret:  Many of us won’t be able to afford it.

Below is a copy of a survey that the Jets don’t want you to see.  They sent this via email to season ticket holders.  As is the case with most things the Jets do, they didn’t think it through the first time around.  We were able to obtain a copy before the Jets disabled that feature.  Thank you Bill H for your hard work, this is information that we want as many people to see as possible.

You can view a copy of the survey here.

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